2013 Public Lectures at Federation Square

festival of mathematicsMaths of Planet Earth Festival of Mathematics at Fed Square

Visit the Deakin Edge Theatre for twenty two, yes, 22 stimulating mathematics activities! Take your class on a self directed maths trail to parts of Melbourne. Explore the mathematical aspects of the gardens, Arts Centre, The Shrine, Southgate, St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne Central and RMIT’s Storey Hall. A list of free downloadable activities is available here.

Lectures at Federation Square

The Festival of Mathematics is a collaboration between MAV and Fed Square. Drs Burkard Polster and Marty Ross will present three lectures that will be entertaining and thought-provoking. All lectures will be held at The Deakin Edge theatre at Fed Square, from 12pm-1pm. These lectures are free and are appropriate for Years 5-12.


Melbourne, the maths capital of the world.
Presented by Burkard Polster
DATE: Friday 8 November
VENUE: The Edge theatre at Federation Square
TIME: 12pm - 1pm
Melbourne is an amazing city for mathematically inspired architecture. Your guide Burkard will demonstrate with a whirlwind tour of mathematical Melbourne: explore the rep-tiles of Federation Square, cast a 5-dimensional shadow at RMIT’s Storey Hall, experience life in a 1-sided holiday house, and much more. Is it all really maths? Come see!
Maths goes to the movies.
Presented by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross
DATE: Friday 15 November
VENUE: The Edge theatre at Federation Square
TIME: 12pm - 1pm
This will be a truly unforgettable maths class. You’ll sing and dance to Pythagoras, solve puzzles with Bruce Willis and be given lessons by Lisa Simpson, Russell Crowe and a host of other stars. Come learn some amazing mathematics, some real and some hilariously wrong.
Global warming in three easy lessons (and one difficult one).
Presented by Dr Marty Ross
DATE: Friday 22 November
VENUE: The Edge theatre at Federation Square
TIME: 12pm - 1pm
What is there to say about global warming? Way too much! Official reports run to thousands of pages and the naysayers are just as busy. What is a responsible citizen to do? Marty will attempt to provide you with a simple guide to the mountains of information and misinformation.


Earlier this year a series of lectures was also presented at The Royal Society of Victoria


About the Lecturers:

Burkard and MartyBurkard Polster and Marty Ross are Melbourne's tag team of mathematics. They write the Maths Masters column for The Education Age, appear at schools, and do whatever they can to convince whoever that mathematics is beautiful and fun. All their activities can be checked out at www.qedcat.com.

Burkard Polster is a maths lecturer, and Monash University's resident mathemagician, mathematical juggler, origami expert, bubble-master, shoelace charmer, and Count von Count impersonator. When he is not doing fun mathematics he has fun investigating perfect mathematical universes.

Marty Ross is a mathematical nomad. At the age of 2, he ran away from America to join the circus. After some controversy involving an elephant, he returned to America to do his PhD in mathematics at Stanford University. Eventually, he arrived back in Australia, where he has wandered the mathematical world, aimless but happy.

Read what Burkard and Marty lectured about in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

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