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booksTeachers can create rich learning experiences based on the picture story books we have selected, and revisit the book throughout a unit to help bed down the ‘big ideas’.
Picture books in mathematics examine big ideas through imaginative story-telling. They can motivate students by:

  • stimulating curiosity and interest in mathematical concepts
  • providing a platform for mathematical discussion where prior knowledge, conjecture and hypothesis can take place.
  • provide a ‘so-what?’ rationale for the learning, generally through the exploration of a ‘real-life’ mathematical conundrum.

Many of the books in this curated collection come with reviews and lesson plans written by Victorian teachers. The curriculum guide links each book to the Australian primary mathematics curriculum. Each book is available for purchase in the MAV shop. MAV members receive a 20% discount.

For a list of MAV’s picture story books mapped to the Australian Curriculum click here.

Book reviews

The following book reviews have been contributed by MAV members. Have a favourite picture story book you would like to tell us about?  Please send us the title, author, illustrator, name of the school and grade of the teacher providing the review.  Email the MAV team today. The MAV shop have a wonderful range of picture story books for teaching mathematics.