2018 in review, a year of successes!

Date: 21 December 2018

2018 was great year of consolidation for The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV). Many people are involved with MAV, but few realise the extent of the services provided by the small and dedicated team!

MAV would also like to thank its various partners and sponsors. Without their support both financially and in-kind some of the programs listed below would struggle to get off the ground, or to be sustainable.

Finally, a very big thank you to all of the schools and individuals who become MAV members. Without their support MAV would not be able to deliver such value to schools and the Victorian education system as a whole.


For teachers, schools and members:

  • primary conferenceThe Primary Conference in collaboration with MGSE was delivered in June, growing in attendance and really impacting outcomes in primary education.
  • MAV18 Annual Conference at La Trobe hit the mark, with a strong theme and attendance again. It sets the bench mark for future annual conferences. We launched our 2019 theme at the event this year.
  • MAV received renewed funding for three years from DET through the Strategic Partnerships Program. This funding was used as follows:
    • MAV expanded its professional learning program, running six primary and six secondary online sessions. This saw MAV increase engagement for regional teachers, providing an opportunity for them to receive professional learning in their location.
    • For the first time MAV also recorded five presentations at the MAV18 annual conference. These are currently being made available through the website to allow those who can’t attend the event access to high-quality speakers for their own professional learning.
  • PLAs well as online professional learning MAV delivered a host of face-to-face sessions across the state. One highlight was the Mildura network day where we saw 180 teachers across primary and secondary schools attend and undertake intensive professional learning.
  • MAV have signed up 40 primary schools for their new two-year whole school improvement program in mathematics education. It’s going to be an awesome program in 2019 for these schools, with real impact. We thank MGSE at The University of Melbourne for their partnership in designing and delivering this program.
  • VCE PLOur VCE professional learning program in term one saw over 1000 educators attend across the state. We adde d new venues and expanded our reach to ensure everyone has access to this important program. We also continued to publish important supporting resources for the VCE.
  • MAV expanded its consulting in schools considerably. MAV staff and contracted consultants worked across a larger numbers of schools than ever before, to help with whole school improvement in mathematics education.
  • Our MAVshop grew in sales, and is becoming the go to place for professional resources for maths education. We worked hard to increase our product range, and selected product carefully that we believe is worth sharing with our members.
  • Common DenominatorOur journals are going strong, with a steady flow of articles making them a go to place for innovative teaching ideas. We are very proud of these journals and magazine Common Denominator that help deliver value to all mathematics educators across Victoria. We welcomed a new editor to the primary journal, Prime Number; James Russo from Monash University who is focusing on research into practice to continue to strengthen the journals content.
  • We worked with the DET on content for the Mathematics Curriculum Companion, and the new Numeracy Toolkit including the Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide about to be launched. We also supported the development of content for the Victorian Maths Challenge, and hope to see this release next year.
    MAV also supported the development of content for the ‘reSolve’ project for the Australian Academy of Science.
    Further, we continue to rework the resources for VCAL produced by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. The latest version will be released in 2019.

For students:

  • Maths campMAV was also able to continue to run its maths camp for regional high potential mathematics students in year 10. This was also funded by DET through the Strategic Partnerships Program. The camp expanded to 24 students from regional schools and was a fantastic success, working with industry partners to deliver real-world maths experiences.
  • Games days were a great success again, selling out in nearly all locations. We added extra venues in 2018, and plan to expand our games days into some regional centers next year.
  • The Maths Talent Quest hit the mark again, with high-quality entries demonstrating what students are capable of achieving when engaged in real word mathematics.
  • MAV’s VCE revision lectures saw over 800 students attend in venues across the state. MAV provided valuable support in preparation for the exams.
  • The Made by Maths app received over a thousand downloads, used by students investigating real-life mathematics in the world around them.
  • Girls in STEMWe ran our second Girls in STEM day with nearly 400 students in attendance at Ivanhoe girls Grammar School, with industry speakers engaging high potential students to make positive decisions about their careers, and selection of maths subjects. You can watch video of the speakers on the event page.


MAV embarked on a large IT project to implement a new association management software system. Work is well underway and we will go live around the end of term one 2019. This will allow us to improve our communications with all of you, and improve experiences around event bookings and other services that we provide. We are really excited about this project and the benefits it will bring to our whole network.


The MAV Board spent a lot of time on developing and implementing new polices, to ensure a modern and up-to-date organisation for the future. Just to name few changes:

  • A new strategic plan was launched at the AGM in in May, setting the scene for many new initiatives that MAV is now working towards implementing, in support of mathematics education and MAV members.
  • The new finance committee progressed the development of a reserves policy to help strengthen the future financial security of the association. 
  • A new risk policy, risk appetite statements, and risk register were developed and implemented.
  • A review of the MAV constitution is underway, you will hear more about this in 2019.

It has been an amazing 2018, and further opportunities to come we are really exciting about the work MAV is delivering. We hope you are too!

Peter Batchelor

Peter is the Webmaster of the Mathematical Association of Victoria. A long, long time ago he was a Primary teacher and then taught computer subjects and Mathematics to Year 10 before becoming a lecturer at RMIT and then working with subject associations to develop their web presence.

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