2018 Maths Talent Quest Special Awards

Date: 30 October 2018

Congratulations to all students and schools who entered the 2018 Maths Talent Quest (MTQ). The 2018 MTQ had 677 entries from 82 school across Victoria and Tasmania and once again was hit! The culmination of the MTQ is celebration and awards ceremony at La Trobe University, attended by around 1000 teachers, students and parents/guardians.

The MTQ provides an opportunity for students to undertake projects in mathematics that develop skills such as problem solving, creative and critical thinking, communication and team work in their pursuit of mathematical investigations. Awards were given for individual, group and class projects at each level and it was amazing to hear the variety of projects completed in areas of student interest.

2018 Outstanding Schools Award

The following school were selected to receive an Outstanding School Award. This award is judged on the influence the MTQ has on the schools’ overall mathematics program and takes into account the quality of entries received from that school. Congratulations to:

  • Carey Baptist Grammar School
  • Jells Park Primary School
  • Mentone Grammar School
  • Port Melbourne Primary School, and
  • Windsor Primary School

LaTrobe University – Young Woman in Mathematics

La Trobe Logo x2LaTrobe University is the major sponsor of the Victorian Maths Talent Quest. This year they have awarded two students (one Primary and one Secondary category) with the Young Women in Mathematics award:

  • Primary - Isabella McDonaugh from Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School - Junk Mail – it is just a big waste?
  • Secondary – Sophie Bridges from Emmanuel College - Compound interest.

The Jim Trotter Award:

The Jim Trotter Perpetual Award is dedicated to the memory of Jim Trotter. Jim was an active member of The Mathematical Association of Victoria’s Student Activities Committee. The Award is presented annually to an outstanding upper primary investigation. Congratulations to:

Maya O’Halloran-Scott from Port Melbourne Primary School - What would be the effect on Melbourne if the train capacity doubled?

Victorian Entries in the National Maths Talent Quest

A number of Victorian entries were judged and submitted for inclusion into the national MTQ awards. The National MTQ awards are judged by teachers from across the country, and select the very best projects for the year. Congratulations to the following students and schools for their success at the national MTQ:

  • Prep Class * Winner
    Money maths. FEC Milgate Primary School
  • Yr 1 Individual
    Cooking up maths with yummy cookies. Anika Fazan. St Margaret’s Junior School
  • Yr 1 Class
    Ms Bienert, can we go an an excursion please? 1F Balwyn North Primary School
  • Yr 2 Individual * Winner
    Why can't I afford a mobile phone yet? Sammy Sanna Medina. Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
  • Yr 2 Group
    How Many Squares in a Chessboard? Camilo Ardila Garcia, Ambrose Alex. Lumen Christi
  • Yr 2 Class
    2M’s environment and resources. MTQ 2M Balwyn North Primary School
  • Yr 3 Individual
    Crossy Maths. Millie Faichney. Windsor Primary School
  • Yr 3 Group
    Water Savers. Anna Langelaan, Scarlett Martens-Mullaly, Brianna Kehoe, Olivia Angilletta, Tahlia Dane. Croydon Hills Primary Schools
  • Yr 3 Class
    Bee Careful Around the Volcano. Mr. Noordhoff's Maths Group Jells Park Primary School
  • Yr 4 Individual
    Supermarket Wars. Ruby Leibowitz. St Michael’s Grammar School
  • Yr 4 Group
    Rocket Launching. Alex Burrows, Henry Przychodzen. Mentone Grammar
  • Yr 4 Class
    Building Native Nesting Boxes - Where is the maths? Year 4 Carey Baptist Grammar School
  • Yr 5 Individual * Winner
    Future prices of gold and oil. Which will be more valuable? Matthew Shing. Mentone Grammar
  • Yr 5 Group * Winner
    Buying Vs Growing. Isabella Solarte, Poppy McDonald Windsor. Primary School
  • Yr 5 Class
    An investigation into speed and kinetic energy. 5T maths group. Jells Park Primary School
  • Yr 6 Individual
    Toastie town. Emma Holbrook. Jells Park Primary School
  • Yr 6 Group * Winner
    How much would it cost to design, build and run a school for a year? Kiki Stevens, Frankie Birkett, Sophie Johnson. Port Melbourne Primary School
  • Yr 7 Individual
    Max's PC workshop. Max Huang. Wesley College
  • Yr 7 Group
    Behind the Broom. Genevieve Boardman, Keira Grover. Princess Hill Secondary College
  • Yr 8 Individual
    The mathematics of a rollercoaster. Abigail Chai. Tintern Grammar
  • Yr 8 Group * Winner
    High Ground. Ned Olsen, Daniel He, Hamish McColl. Viewbank College
  • Yr 9 Individual *Winner
    Rock Bottom. Joshua Choong. Tintern Grammar
  • Yr 10 Group
    The Monopoly Game. Shemara Karunaratne, Dimitra Karkaloutsos, Gabriel Callado. Northside Christian College
  • Yr 12 Individual
    Mathematics and Medical Imaging. Gavin Choong. Tintern Grammar

For more information about MTQ in 2019 please see our MTQ page or contact Jen Bowden jbowden@mav.vic.edu.au

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