Meet the 2018 to 2019 MAV Council

Date: 23 May 2018

Michaela EpsteinAt the AGM on Tuesday 22 May 2018, the MAV Council was appointed for the coming year.

MAV would like to thank Monash University for hosting the AGM in their cutting edge new Education building. The AGM ran smoothly and was followed by an entertaining guest speaker, Dr Norman Do, of Monash University who amazed us with the mathematics of knot theory. Life member Liz Burns was ‘roped into’ an activity and tied in knots by Norman, her former student!

Michaela Epstein, MAV President also launched the MAV’s strategic plan for 2018 to 2020. You can find out more about the strategic plan here.

The newly appointed Council provides a strong level of consistency with Michaela Epstein as President for the second year, with the core Executive group continuing with many of the same Councillors.

MAV also welcomes two new Councillors for the coming year:

Max Stephens returns to the fold. Max is a long-time supporter of MAV and Life Member, who has held various positions on Council in the past.

Kylie Slaney from Bialik College joins as a Councillor, with experience in teaching mathematics and as an engineer. Kylie’s  passion is encouraging students to think of the possibilities for themselves within STEM, and linking mathematics to engineering, the sciences, robotics and everyday life.

Trish Jelbart, Felicity Furey, James Gray and Terence Mills retired from Council at the conclusion of the 2017 to 2018 Council year. The President, Council and MAV staff would like to thanks these people for the contributions over the past year. Thanks especially go to Trish Jelbart who complete her 5 year maximum term. Trish made many valued contributions over that period to Council, and as a member of various committees. Trish actively engaged in many aspects of her role of Councillor and provided considered advice and guidance on many decisions and programs.

The 2018 to 2019 Council is appointed as follows:



Michaela Epstein

Immediate Past President:   


Jim Spithill

Vice President:


Michael O’Connor



Max Stephens



Juan Ospina Leon

Council Members:


Daniel Cloney

Ann Downton

Allason McNamara

Thomas Moore

Claire Delaney

Peter Karakoussis

Kylie Slaney

You can find their biographies on our Council page.

Peter Batchelor

Peter is the Webmaster of the Mathematical Association of Victoria. A long, long time ago he was a Primary teacher and then taught computer subjects and Mathematics to Year 10 before becoming a lecturer at RMIT and then working with subject associations to develop their web presence.

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