MAV receives SPP funding for maths camp and online PL

Date: 3 January 2018

The Education State. Victoria State Government. Education and TrainingMAV is pleased to announce that it has received funding from the Victorian Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP). This triennial program from 2018 to 2020 will allow MAV to continue to run its Maths Camp for Gifted and Talented Regional Students and to expand online professional learning through a series of webinars, and through live broadcasts of key events.

Maths Camp for Gifted and Talented Regional Students

The maths camps have been a great success for the past three years and bring together high potential rural and regional students to experience what a career in some of the most exciting organisations in the STEM industry look like. The demand for this program provided impetus for an enhanced program that gives access to a greater number of students.

Regional and rural schools nominate Year 10 students for attendance in the program who are performing above average in mathematics by documenting students’ mathematical capabilities, performance and interest. The application also considers skills in leadership, teamwork and co-curricula activities. A selection process results in 24 regional students participating in a 4 and half day camp in Metropolitan Melbourne. The backbone of the camp is an industry-based, real-world mathematics project. See our 2017 industry partners here.

Students work in small groups to find a possible solution to a project problem. They receive daily mentoring by mathematicians and industry representatives. Students develop their project presentation and solution as a team, developing 21st century skills including communication, problem solving and creative and critical thinking. The open-ended projects stretch the application of mathematics past students’ usual experience and challenge them to come up with innovative solutions. The week culminates in students presenting their project findings in the presence of the industry partners, invited guests and parents.

All participants visit each industry partner’s facilities, and are exposed to mathematicians and STEM-based career opportunities providing motivation for future studies. In addition, they will undertake experiential activities, including Made by Maths App walks, visits to universities and presentations from professionals and academics with connections to mathematics.

Following the camp, students join an online community supported by The MAV.

Over the three years MAV needs to make the program sustainable, by seeking industry partners for the camps who can help to fund the event.

In 2018 the camp is expected to run in July. Further announcements and a call for nominations will be made in term 1.

Making Professional Learning Accessible for Rural and Regional Mathematics teachers Online

This program will provide Mathematics teachers across the state (especially in rural and regional settings) access to professional learning opportunities not usually available to them due to their remoteness from Melbourne. The aim is to improve teacher capacity by improving access to Mathematics professional learning activities for all teachers across the state.

Initially funds will be used to purchase a Polycom unit, then used to deliver online professional learning to primary and secondary teachers. The program will include online professional learning for primary and secondary teachers. Sessions will be free to all DET teachers during the first year of the funding period to make it accessible and to engage the regional audience. In the further 2 years MAV would offer DET staff 50% off the registration fees in order to build a sustainable program. The MAV will have DET schools in each region as Polycom hosts. Other teachers within a 1 hour drive from this host would be encouraged to attend. The MAV has mapped the regions and used this approach previously with success as it promotes collaboration and networking. The DET Virtual Learning Coaches can support schools to join sessions.

The MAV will also begin broadcasting selected MAV speakers including keynotes at conferences, VCE PD, and other events where appropriate. This will allow wider access for teachers to MAV events never before possible. Sessions where appropriate would be recorded and posted to the MAV website for viewing as a professional resource for teachers.

Any queries in regards to these programs can be sent to Peter Saffin, CEO.

Peter Batchelor

Peter is the Webmaster of the Mathematical Association of Victoria. A long, long time ago he was a Primary teacher and then taught computer subjects and Mathematics to Year 10 before becoming a lecturer at RMIT and then working with subject associations to develop their web presence.

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