2017 Outstanding Service Awards for Maths Talent Quest

Date: 3 November 2017

The Victorian Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) has successfully provided students with the opportunity to challenge themselves through creative mathematical investigations for over 30 years. Whilst the MTQ is managed by MAV, its success relies heavily on the volunteer committee members and teachers who give their time and expertise to ensure the success of the awards.

This year the MAV Student Activities Committee nominated June Penney and Steve Wilson for Outstanding Service Awards.

June Penney has been a part of the Maths Talent Quest from the beginning. For many years June worked as a teacher and maths leader within her own school, Darley Primary School, creating an environment where both students and teachers worked to complete high-quality investigations. June’s colleagues reflect that she was a great mentor and inspiration to teachers. She was always interested in encouraging her students with challenging tasks and probing questions to get them to reach their potential. June has always been passionate about working with students and has a genuine dedication and interest in their progress. June has also been a member of the MAV Council and Student Activities Committee influencing the direction of the Maths Talent Quest, ensuring it continues to reflect best practice education. Over the years June has supported teachers and presented a variety of professional development to ensure the MTQ is promoted effectively. June is currently working in student intervention and extension, contract and relief teaching, tutoring and being a grandparent!  She continues to be a supporter of the MTQ, working with teachers, assisting with judging and advising on the MAV Student Activities Committee. June was extremely proud and surprised to win the award at The MTQ Award Ceremony. She reflected, that to her it was “all about the kids”.

Steve Wilson’s Maths Talent Quest journey began as a beginning teacher at Yarra Valley Grammar in the early 80s, he moved to Korowa in a curriculum/teaching role in the mid 90s. Steve then moved to Carey Donvale as Deputy Head in 2003  and brought with him his knowledge and expertise about the MTQ. In his time at Carey, the MTQ has been an essential part of the school’s enrichment and mathematics curriculum. Steve has been a Maths enrichment teacher at Carey as well as promoting MTQ for ALL students to enter.  In recent years, the school has had National award winners who are not strong mathematicians, but who now see that they can do Maths. Steve spends many hours mentoring students across all levels of the school in their MTQ Projects, culminating in enrolling all entries by the due date. Every year Steve bring his teachers to MTQ judging. Their volunteer assistance is extremely appreciated by MAV, the Carey teachers enjoy the opportunity to see outstanding student inquiry that comes from across the state. Steve is always forthcoming with innovative ideas and feedback about the MTQ and has assisted as we have made subtle changes to the competition over time.
The MAV Council would like to thank both June and Steve for their ongoing commitment and support.

MTQ June Penney

June Penney (left) with MAV President Michael Epstein, Professor Katherine Seaton, La Trobe University and Peter Saffin, MAV CEO.


MTQ Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson celebrating with Carey Students.

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