MAV launches new Primary Resources web support

Date: 3 November 2017

The Education State. Victoria State Government. Education and TrainingWith the support of the Department of Education and Training, using Strategic Partnership Program funding, MAV has launched a new primary resources section on its website.

The CEO of MAV, Peter Saffin, said that the pages 'offer a range of useful and relevant links, resources and activities that can be used to engage, extend and enhance student learning. There is also information and opportunities that will help teachers develop professional knowledge and experience'.

There are 6 sections in the Primary Resources section, the first being ‘Authentic tasks’. This page outlines criteria for how to select a great rich or challenging task, and then provides examples of exemplary tasks that teachers can try out.

The aim of these pages are to support teachers with information to make good choices, while providing examples of best practice. This type of information also backs up what MAV does in the classroom in its consulting programs and professional learning.

primary resourcesOther sections include:

Enrichment’ to provide opportunities beyond the classroom for students to engage with fun and rewarding maths experiences.

Touchstone books’, that focusses on the use of picture books to introduce powerful maths concepts. Picture books are great at stimulating curiosity and interest in mathematical concepts, while providing a platform for mathematical discussion where prior knowledge, conjecture and hypothesis can take place.

Mathspiration’ provides access to great puzzlers, warm-up games and homework ideas.

News and research’ keeps teachers up to date with MAV activities, and is home to various presentations from conferences and professional learning that teachers may want to review. We also highlight some of the great research papers and databases for those interested in how research informs practice.

Finally, the ‘Curriculum and Resources’ section offers links to great supporting materials that underpin best practice, pedagogy and planning.

These pages are a great resource for teachers all levels of experience, and MAV will continue to update them and keep them current. If you have suggestions to help us achieve that goal, please let us know!


Peter Batchelor

Peter is the Webmaster of the Mathematical Association of Victoria. A long, long time ago he was a Primary teacher and then taught computer subjects and Mathematics to Year 10 before becoming a lecturer at RMIT and then working with subject associations to develop their web presence.

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