Maths Active Schools Criteria

The Maths Active Criteria have been expanded below. The rubric for assessment of MAS applications, as used by MAV Mathematical Educational Consultants, is also attached below.

Download Maths Active School application here.

Download Maths Active School assessment rubric here.

Note: The rubrics is used by MAV Education Consultants to assess your schools application.

1. Actively supports targeted mathematics professional learning for all staff

  • Organises in-school mathematics professional development for all staff (including teachers and support staff)
  • Actively attends and/or presents at mathematics conferences, conventions or workshops
  • Has mathematics as a key focus in Strategic Plan/Annual Implementation Plan
  • Is involved in mathematics professional learning with a team of like schools
  • Has mentoring for graduate teachers
  • Encourages teachers to submit mathematics articles for publication
  • Participates in coaching, learning walks or similar.

2. Has appropriate school structures in place to maximise the learning and teaching of mathematics

  • Has appropriately structured the mathematics program to maximise learning and teaching
  • Teaches mathematics for at least 5 hours per week at all year level
  • Regularly reviews the mathematical support resources available in school and updates as required
  • Has an effective whole school numeracy plan
  • Has an effective whole school assessment plan.

3. Promotes effective learning and teaching practices in mathematics

  • Differentiates teaching to meet learning needs of all students (may use TM4U)
  • Structures daily maths lessons to include tuning in, and reflection time
  • Uses hands-on materials to teach mathematics at all levels
  • Uses a variety of tools to engage students in mathematics including investigations, project, picture books, images, and videos
  • Integrates mathematics across the curriculum
  • Uses Victorian Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, and AAMT resources as wells as DEEDS Mathematics Learning and Teaching Resources to help inform teaching.

4. Uses assessment to inform teacher practice to enhance student learning outcomes

  • Uses a range of diagnostic assessment tasks (Eg Mathematics Online Interview, Assessment for Common Misunderstandings, Factions and Decimal Online Interview, Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Year
  • Uses other assessment tasks eg On Demand, PAT Maths, NAPlan
  • Uses rich assessment tasks
  • Uses assessment data to inform teaching and improve learning
  • Invites students to participate in self and peer assessments.

5. Participates in student mathematics activities

  • Runs a mathematical investigation for all year levels and (optionally) enters the best investigations into the state level Mathematics Talent Quest
  • Enters mathematics competitions (for example AAMT’s Reach for the Stars, AMC and the Mathematics Challenge)
  • Organises and/or participates in mathematical games days
  • Organises mathematical themed days (for example maths dress up day, maths activity days, pi day, maths Olympics)
  • Has programs that cater for special needs (e.g. ESL, gifted, indigenous).

6. Actively demonstrated a commitment to valuing mathematics in our society by incorporating parents and the community

  • Has trained parent help with mathematics in the classroom (e.g. Mathematics Recovery)
  • Regularly has mathematics content in school newsletter, class blogs or similar
  • Promotes mathematics by placing displays in classrooms, around the school, on school websites or blogs
  • Runs successful sessions explaining the teaching and reporting of mathematics to parents
  • Runs family mathematics events
  • Has at least one mathematics trail around the school or community
  • Runs mathematics excursions/incursions.

7. Promotes the effective use of technology in the learning of mathematics

  • Uses ICT to help students learn mathematics – at all levels
  • Supports staff to develop ICT skills and pedagogies in relation to mathematics teaching
  • Incorporates online mathematics activities for students eg HSFO, Numerical Acumen
  • Incorporates the use of apps into student learning activities (i.e Made By Maths, Google Maps).

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