Free MAV Professional Learning Workshops

The free online versions of workshops funded by the Department of Education and Training’s Strategic Partnerships Program are still taking bookings after an excellent response. The face-to-face workshops are sold out.


Free Workshop 1: The importance of developing children’s counting skills: The move from rote to rational counting

Online Webinar: Thursday 26th October at 4.30pm. Click to register.
Who should attend: Teachers of F to Year 4
Presenter: Catherine Pearn

In this hands-on workshop participants will discuss the importance of young children developing each aspect of the five counting principles that govern and define counting as elaborated by Gelman and Gallistel (1978). Video excerpts and activities will demonstrate what these counting principles look like in practice. Counting tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview will be linked to the Counting section of the Framework of Mathematical Learning and activities from the Mathematics Developmental Continuum. The conceptual understanding needed to move children from using inefficient strategies, such as counting by ones, to more efficient strategies will be highlighted.

Free Workshop 2: It’s called Number AND ALGEBRA: Algebraic thinking across Primary Years.

Online Webinar: Thursday 12th October at 4.30pm. Click to register.
Who should attend: Teachers of Year 2 to 6
Presenter: Tim Colman

Algorithmic thinking provides opportunities for students to follow and create a well-defined set of instructions to perform a task or solve a problem. We often focus purely on numbers, without linking algebraic problem-solving skills. Promoting algebraic thinking encourages and increases students’ ability to solve problems using different strategies. This workshop will demonstrate lesson from Year 2 to Year 6 that challenge students with the opportunity to explore algorithmic thinking. These lessons have been successfully used in classrooms, and will be available online through the MAV website with enabling and extending prompts. Come and explore why Algebra is much more than just x and y!

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