Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

Thursday 5 and Friday 6 December

La Trobe University, Bundoora

The Annual Conference Synopsis Book can now be viewed online - 2013 MAV Synopsis Book.

The Annual Conference was a huge success with over 1,700 attendees, 320 speakers and 64 exhibitors. A big thank you goes to all who attended, our guides who gave their time for free to help out, our speakers who also gave their time to present, and our exhibitors and sponsors who shared their resources with everyone for the 2 days.

Presentation Resources:

F48 - Peter Fox - Improving VCE Results (There are a number of notes from Peter, with Addendums that relate to the note)

- Peter Fox Notes 1 (Word Document)

- Addendum 1 (PDF)

- Peter Fox Notes 2 (Word Document)

- Addendum 2 (PDF)

- Peter Fox Notes 3 (Word Document)

- Addendum 3a (Powerpoint)

- Addendum 3b and 3c (TNS files)

- Addendum 3d (Excel File)

- Peter Fox Notes 4

H15 - Peter Sullivan - Eight Strategies for Dealing with Differences in Student Readiness to Learn Mathematics



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