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6th & 7th December 2012

La Trobe University, Bundoora

Thank you to all those that attended the Annual Conference, call for options for 2013 will be released in February. 

The conference paper for Pumadevi Sivasubramaniam has an error in the proceedings book. During the layout process some of her images were replaced. You can download her correct paper here -
Pumadevi Sivasubramaniam MAV Conference Paper


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Anniversary Lecture

Terry_Speed_2The Importance of Mathematics in the Biomedical Sciences
Professor Terry Speed PhD FAA
Head, Bioinformatics Division, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

With the development of new technologies such as next generation DNA sequencing, biologists are generating data at unprecedented rates. In order to acquire, store, interpret and visualise this data biologists need to collaborate, hand in glove, with mathematicians and computer scientists. This is the field of bioinformatics. This is the new frontier of biomedicine. Such is the skills shortage in this area, that competent mathematics graduates with a desire to work in biological research will be almost guaranteed of a job.

Terry Speed received a BSc at the University of Melbourne (1965) majoring in mathematics and statistics, and PhD in mathematics and a Dip Ed at Monash University (1969). He has held appointments at universities in Australia, the U.K. and the USA, and also at the CSIRO. He is currently head of the Bioinformatics Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. His research interests are broad, but with a focus on cancer genomics.





Closing Ceremony

Maths on a Mat with Matt - Looking Back atHow the MAV Conference has Influenced MeMatt_Skoss2Matt Skoss
Consultant, Northern Territory

8 years into my teaching career in Alice Springs, I attended my first MAV Conference in 1994. Since then, I’ve made it a nearly annual sojourn to Melbourne. From that first conference, I was determined to bring back one ‘big idea’ to share with teachers in my region. Flicking through the conference proceedings on the plane trip home, I settled on Doug Williams’ article ‘Maths on a Plastic Mat’ to share. Unfortunately I didn’t attend Doug’s session, but I’ve been working hard to honour the ideas from his article, and adding to them ever since. There is a parallel to the recent Transit of Venus, where astronomers are trying to replicate the results from previous generations of scientists, and use emerging technologies to elicit new data not previously obtainable. The Maths Mat offers a wonderful professional opportunity to build on the pedagogical ideas of teachers (past and present), with a chance to be creative and add to library of lessons, scrutinising the ‘A-ha moments’ of a fragment of a lesson. With an intersection of mathematical ideas and the inevitable mobile devices lurking in students’ pockets, opportunities abound for students and teachers to capture mathematical ideas arising from kinaesthetic activities. Replicating ‘well-travelled’ activities on a Maths Mat such as the Algebra Walk, continually help students lay down the neural pathways to retain their understanding of functions, and create a John Mason-esque “brief, but vivid description” allowing them to ‘re-enter’ the experience at a later time. This will be an interactive session where I will share my ‘brief, but vivid descriptions’ from MAV Conferences and the influence on my practice.


Keynotes Announced!

We are excited to announce we have confirmed the following keynote speakers:

  • George Booker - Presentation for download
  • Professor Dianne Siemon, RMIT University
  • Nadia Walker, Create Collaborate Educate, Educational Consultant
  • Dr Leicha Bragg, Deakin University
  • Associate Professor David Shallcross, University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Colleen Vale, Deakin University
  • Dr Jeanne Carroll - Victoria University
  • Professor Dr Matthias Ludwig, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Tierney Kennedy, QLD
  • Dr Mary Kay Stein, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Dain Hedgpeth, Frosch Media, NSW
  • Dr Pumadevsi Sivasubramaniam, Teacher Education Institute, Malaysia
  • Professor Helen MacGillivray, QUT/ISI, QLD



We have some new exhibitors joining us this year as well as many of our regular organisations. To downlaod of copy of the floorplan click here - Exhibition Floorplan.

Exhibitor List

1 MAV Publishing
2&3 Texas Instruments
4&5 The Mathematical Association of Victoria
6 Consumer Affairs Victoria
7&8&9 Jacaranda (Wiley)
10 Haines School Calculators
11&12 Pearson Australia
13 Smart Education
14 RIC Publications
15 classbasics Pty Ltd
16&17 Nelson Cengage Learning Pty Ltd
18 The Calculator King
19 MacMillan Education Australia
20 Educational Experience
21 Mathspace Pty Ltd
22 Ingenious Technological Enterprises
23 Black Douglas Professional Education Services
24 Abacus Calculators
25 Genie Educational Pty Ltd
26 Modern Teaching Aids
27 RMIT University
28 Haese Mathematics
29 MyMaths Pty Ltd
30 Wolfram Research
31 3P Learning Pty Ltd
32 Neap Pty Ltd
33 Edsoft Interactive
34 Mathstute Pty Ltd/The Heffernan Group
36 The Educational Advantage Pty Ltd
37 World of Maths - Victoria
38 Efofex Software
39 M.A.D. Maths
40 Educational Insfrastructure Services Australia
41 Teaching Solutions
42 Co-Op Bookshop
43 Learn Out Loud
44 National Trust of Australia (VIC)
45 Australian Mathematics Trust
46 Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
47 ACU - Mathematics Teaching and Learning Research Centre (MTLRC)
48 AusPen
50 Distance Education
51 Blake Education/Pascal Press
52&53 Cambridge
54 La Trobe University
55&56 Oxford University Press
57 Objective Learning Materials
58 Australian Bureau of Statistics
59 Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
61 Eduss Learning
62 SP Controls Inc
63 Casio Projectors
64&65&66 Casio Calculators



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