The 2004 MAV Annual Conference was held at Monash University, Clayton Campus, on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December 2004.

View some of the Keynote papers from the 2004 conference.

From Research to Practice: Using the TIMSS Video Study Findings to Enhance Australian Mathematics Teaching

Hilary Hollingsworth

Towards Excellence in Mathematics – Beyond the Maths Classroom

Steve Thornton

Dice Paradoxes and Elections

Marcel Jackson

Getting the Balance Right: Teachers, Students and Technology

Jenni Way

A Framework for Effective Learning in Mathematics

Peter Corkill

Teaching with Learning Objects: Towards Excellence in Pedagogy for Mathematics Classrooms

Stephen Arnold

I Hate Maths!

Paul Swan

What Really Matters?

Suzanne Gunningham

The Affordances of Graphing Calculators for Student Understanding of Functions

Jill Brown

VCE Mathematics and Beyond

David Leigh-Lancaster, Michael Evans, Gary Motteram and Anna Austin

Different Approaches; Different Outcomes

Ron Smith

Detection and Remediation of Decimal Misconceptions

Vicki Steinle

Towards Excellence in the Mathematics Classroom – A Look at the Teacher

Berinderjeet Kaur

Hitler, Times Tables, Make-up and Learning in Mathematics

Peter Grootenboer

Is Statistical Literacy Relevant to Middle School Students?

Jane Watson

Procedural Thinking: Influences on Fraction Knowledge

Catherine Pearn

Teaching Mathematics to Classes of Diverse Interests and Backgrounds

Peter Sullivan

What, If Anything, Is ‘Essential Mathematics’?

Marty Ross

A HAToM of Excellence

Noemi Reynolds

Lessons from Mathematics Classrooms Around the World

David Clarke

Mathematics of the Calendar

Peter Forrester

Making Mathematics Meaningful, Realistic and Personalised: Changing the Direction of Relevance and Applicability

Tom Lowrie

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MAV Conference Closing Session
GREAT MATHS DEBATE: Sue Garner, December 2004

Who would have thought that the CAS
Would have taken the place of the MATHS?
In all students hands
They see the demands
Of buttons and programs, pizzazz!

See when we teach them the rules
We always do give them the blues
To our students we see
This horrific melee
They ought to enjoy all our clues

What is this CAS, so you say?
Computer, and Algebra, what hey?
Systems is there
Beleaguering the square
But where is the Maths so they say?

Is a handheld the best?
Or computers that lead-off the rest?
At Methodist Ladies
And all things at Frankston
They say ‘DLL let it rest’!

We have labs that don’t talk to each other
Computers you see are a bother
But what about mobiles
And look at their sweet smiles
While checking, we miss all the other

Handheld is the way we should go
Ballarat, Rutherglen, Bendigo
Kingswood and Kew
Just sure that we knew
The best CAS is one we can show!

Where is the Maths so you say?
I lost it some time long away
Shift F1, Define
CALC Diff, and save time
No Maths has been part of my play

We learn all these rules all the time
New words, acronyms, waste of time.
From CAS and a SAC
What difference is that?
Just palindromes gone all refined

Bring back the Maths to your class
Teach them the rules so they last
Remember the CAST
Just CAS with a blast
Trigmasters, and tables and ass!

So what are we all then to do?
We drown in new things
No time to stretch wings
And Maths thereby goes down the loo

The moral of this story is clear
CAS helps all the students to fear
The algebra taught
By rigid debauched
Button pushing is the future of here

So teachers who hear this my plea
Don’t teach Maths and lose this misery
Find good letters drawn
Together as a pawn
And speak all things new, this I see

In my teaching not one word is said
Of calculus, tables and denominator!
I jest do you see
Argue my side for the glee
But gone is the Maths that we dread!

For students who love this new face
Of memory, applets and space
In tests they will know
128 pages they will go
And Maths rules no longer the case

VELS are the next thing: curric
We talk about checking the TICK
VCE, P-10
No Maths said or when
And all this just said by a chick!

I am just bored with the Maths
Your students are bored with the Maths
Give them a gadget
They will love you for it
And classes can all be dispatched!

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