Mathematics - Of Prime Importance

La Trobe University, Bundoora
Thursday 3 and Friday 4 December

Papers from the 2009 MAV Annual Conference

Using Mathematics Extension Materials in the Upper Primary/Lower Secondary School
Ian Bull

Understanding Fractions: What Happens Between Kindergarten And The Army?
Karim Noura

Counterexamples in probability and statistics
John Kermond

Smarter Statistics – Don’t Go Down With The Titanic
Andrew Stewart

Practical reflections on teaching senior secondary Mathematics in Victoria and the People’s Republic of China
Holden Lu

A Revaluation of Newman’s Error Analysis
Allan Leslie White

Mathematics in Surveying: Motivating and Challenging Students Through Practical Applications of Mathematics
Mary Barnes

Students’ transition between contexts of mathematical practices in Ghana
Ernest Kofi Davis, Wee Tiong Seah & Alan J. Bishop

Fibonacci and Proportions
Tina Fitzpatrick, Diane Itter, Christopher Lenard, Terry Mills and Lex Milne

Use of Cartoons and Comics to Teach Algebra in Mathematics Classrooms
Tin Lam Toh

Reciprocal Teaching in Mathematics
Yvonne Reilly, Jodie Parsons and Elizabeth Bortolot

Developing mathematical language – key to conceptual development
Brian Tweed

Grouping and strategies for Differentiation of the Mathematics Curriculum
Sue Ditchfield

Reasoning And Communication In The Mathematics Classroom – Some ‘What’ Strategies
Berinderjeet Kaur

Year 9 Enriched
Rennae Miszkurka and Lisa Saffin

Mental Computation in the Primary classroom
Angela Rogers

Mind Your Language: Speaking In and About the Mathematics Classroom
David Clarke

Paper Geometry Vs Orange Geometry – Comparative Geometry on the Plane and the Sphere
István Lénárt

Getting SMART About Assessment for Learning
Beth Price, Kaye Stacey, Vicki Steinle, Helen Chick, Eugene Gvozdenko

Small Group Tutoring Leading to Student Peer Teaching
Tracey Snape

Increasing Levels of Technology Usage in the Mathematics Department at Ormiston College
Ian Thomson

Suddenly, We Had Engaged Middle Years Students! How Did That Happen?
Gaye Williams, Brenda Menzel & Brad Sheridan

Real Numbers
David Leigh-Lancaster

Using Progression Points for Diagnostic (Formative) Assessment: Chance
John Gough

Mathematics - Of Primary Importance. Is it?
Douglas Williams

Using Problem Solving to Engage Students in Their Study of Linear Equations
Russell James

Why Some Groups Work and Some Do Not
Gaye Williams

Algebraic Thinking: generalising number and geometry to express patterns and properties succinctly
George Booker

The Mixer-upper-er: A systematic way to group students
Peter Cox

Towards a 1-to-4 model for mentoring mathematics learners in South African schools
Willy Mwakapenda & Joseph Dhlamini

Land Surveying For GM1&2 and FM3&4
Rob Daniel


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