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Dear Mathematics Educators,
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Welcome back to 2018! I hope you all had a refreshing break.

I am pleased to be back, and we have a very busy year ahead! It will be another year of consolidation and change for the MAV. I am sure it will be an exciting one at that.

Free Pre-service teacher membership:

I am pleased to announce a fantastic new initiative to kick off term 1. The MAV Council has endorsed the launch of free Pre-service Teacher, (University Student) Membership starting from 2018. This includes secondary mathematics teacher specialists and all primary and early years teachers who are required to teach mathematics. As pre-service teachers are the basis of MAV’s future membership, it is critical that this important group are provided support and services to ensure they are highly prepared for a future in the classroom. You can find out more about this on our news page.

Please share this this news with any student teachers you may be supervising, or any others you know.

Your membership:

And don’t forget, for those who wait until the new year to sign back up it is time to renew your membership. To ensure you continue to receive your member benefits into 2018 join or renew now.


Peter Saffin




Professional Learning, book now!

MAV professional learning for term 1 is filling fast.

Most of our VCE events are now available for booking including:

  • VCE Whole day workshops
  • Meet the assessors
  • SAC workshops

Learn from one of the best! Peter Sullivan, as he works through 'The potential of challenging mathematics tasks for engaging ALL students'. Suitable for teaches of Years F to 9.
Friday 23rd Feb, Sunshine College.

And our two Di Siemen workshops 'Incorporating the proficiencies' in term 2 are also filling:

Further events are being added, check out the full list here and keep an eye out for our first professional learning newsletter coming very soon.



Common Denominator and Term 1 Journals

MA  journalsOut latest edition of Common Denominator is now available. You can read it online here.

PDF copies of Vinculum and Prime Number can be accessed by members after logging into the member area of the website.

We ask that Heads of departments and Maths/Numeracy Coordinators let their staff know that they do not have to wait for the hard copy to circulate in their school before catching the latest news and articles. Please make sure your staff lists are up to date in our data base so that your staff can get access. Any issues with logging in or to update your staff list for school memberships contact mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au


MAV News

Check out the latest MAV news:


2018 MAV Membership, don’t delay!

We need your support to ensure that MAV can continue to prosper and deliver important services for maths educators.

Our Association has over 1400 members from all sectors of education and provides membership benefits to a growing network of over 13,500 mathematics educators. Be a part of it!


You will have received your 2018 membership renewal notice. Thank you to those who have renewed, we have had a great response so far. For support with your renewal contact Michael Green mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au

MembershipJoin now

If you are thinking of joining MAV, the time is right! MAV is going from strength to strength. We need your support to ensure that MAV can continue to prosper and deliver important services for maths educators!

We need schools, and individuals to sign up now at our membership page. For more information contact Michael Green mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.


Eddie Woo: Local Hero Australian of the Year

MAV would like to congratulate Eddie Woo for being awarded Local Hero Australian of the Year. Eddie made a great speech in support of educators and highlighted the importance of education to all.  You can listen to Eddie’s speech here.


Professional Reading

Creating Mathematical Gems in the Wolfram Language - Wolfram Blog

Why innovation becomes imperative in education - Education today blog

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Significant Award to Professor Kaye Stacey

Professor Kaye StaceyThe International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDDE) has awarded the prestigious 2017 Life Time achievement award for Excellence in Educational Design to each of Professor Emeritus Kaye Stacey of the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Professor Emeritus Zalman Usiskin of the University of Chicago, USA.

"This award recognizes the major contribution these two brilliant designers have made to the field of mathematics education over many years," said Lynne McClure, Chair of ISDDE and Director of Cambridge Mathematics. "Each has worked over many years providing research-led products including assessment and classroom materials that have had major impact on the teaching of mathematics in their own countries and across the world," she added.

Many teachers in Victoria will be familiar with Kaye Stacey's recent work through the SMART tests developed at the University of Melbourne for use in formative assessment of student learning. http://www.smartvic.com/smart/index.htm

The MAV is pleased to add its congratulations to Kaye Stacey for her lifelong devotion to improving mathematics education both locally and internationally.

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Careers with MathsMAV Special Member Offer: 20% discount!

Australia's very first Careers with Maths mag is here!

From sending rovers to Mars to creating smartphone technology and building worlds in virtual reality, maths is behind the biggest breakthroughs of our time. But now more than ever, Aussie students are opting out of maths and closing doors to some of the most creative and exciting careers on offer.

Careers with Maths is a game-changing resource for students and educators alike! Full of eye-opening, stereotype-smashing stories, this brand-new magazine aims to transform how students perceive maths and where it can take them.

With a focus on Maths + X, where ‘X’ is your passion or interest, Careers with Maths helps young Australians imagine a future that is creative, innovative and technical. It takes maths beyond the classroom and into careers of the future, which are rapidly evolving to keep up with the pace of digital disruption, the explosion of data and the ever-growing stream of new technology.

Careers with Maths includes over 35 real-life reads and 150 Maths + X degrees, plus job and salary data. Dive in and discover the true magic of maths!

Also access Free downloadable maths posters and classroom resources here.

Order copies, class sets or posters here. MAV members can purchase any of the magazines (not just maths!) at the discounted rate as follows:

To receive 20% discount, use coupon code MAV18
Tag: @careerswithstem



Fifty50 Mathematics - Over 500 FREE worksheets!

Fifty50Fifty50 Mathematics is a free collection of over 500 worksheets in pdf format, written by author Geoff Phillips for years 7 to 10.

This resource can be downloaded as a zip file, and contains the following folders:

  1. Introduction and files list. 3 pdf files.
  2. Worksheets (each worksheet contains 50 questions). 123 pdf files.
  3. Worksheets answers.123 pdf files.
  4. Example questions. 123 pdf files.
  5. Worked examples with full solutions. 123 pdf files.
  6. Activities and investigations. 85 pdf files.
  7. Activities and investigations suggested answers. 85 pdf files.
  8. Appendices (Number tables, graph grids, polyhedra nets and more). 31 pdf files
  9. Posters (Suitable for printing on large sheets for classroom displays). 23 pdf files.

Visit www.maths-pro.com for download instructions or send an email request using your school email address to Geoff Phillips at: Fifty50Mathematics@gmail.com and a download link will be emailed to you.



International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C)

IM2C ACER Website 365x205Challenge students to use mathematics to make a real difference to the world around them with the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C), a team-based mathematical competition for Australian secondary school students. Working in teams of up to four students, participants have five consecutive days to solve a problem by devising and applying an original mathematical model. The problem is set globally and the best two Australian solutions will progress to compete against teams from all over the world.

Free to enter, the IM2C supports the real-world application of learning and challenges students to work collaboratively to solve real-world problems.

Download the information booklet

Download the flyer

IM2C 2017 team registration opens on 31 January for the 13 March – 29 March 2018 competition.

Register your interest

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15th International Conference of The Mathematics Education for the Future Project

Theory and Practice: An Interface or A Great Divide?
4th-9th August , 2019, Maynooth University, Kildare, Ireland

The Mathematics Education for the Future Project was founded in 1986 as an international non-profit body to support and encourage innovation in mathematics, statistics, science and computer education. Since 1999 there have been 14 conferences throughout the world culminating in our Hungary Conference in September 2017, which was attended by 125 people from 22 countries. The conferences are renowned for their friendly and productive atmosphere and attract many of the movers and shakersin education world-wide.

The Full Preliminary Announcement and Call for Papers is now available at Ireland Conference Documents




Very soon we have professional learning event coming up with Peter Sullivan. To find out more or book click here.

In order to get prepared, or if you cannot make it along, get a copy of Peter’s new books from MAVShop.


challenging mathematical tasksChallenging Mathematical Tasks

Author: Peter Sullivan

Challenging Mathematical Tasks supports the idea that students learn best when they work on problems that they do not yet know how to solve. Peter Sullivan’s research shows that many students do not fear challenges in mathematics, but welcome them. And rather than having teachers instruct them, these students prefer to work out solutions for themselves.

includes activities that allow for sustained thinking, decision-making and risk-taking by the student

  • features a ‘Learning Focus’, ‘Key Mathematical Language’, ’Pedagogical Considerations’, ‘Enabling and Extending Prompts’ for each task, plus ‘Supplementary Tasks’ and ‘Possible Solutions’
  • is written by a well-established expert in the field of teaching and learning mathematics
  • follows a set structure to help students approach and work through the tasks.

Member price: $69.63
Non-member price: $87.04

Click to get yours now.


open ended maths activitiesOpen Ended Maths Activities Revised Edition

Author: Peter Sullivan

Open-Ended Maths Activities discusses the features of ‘good’ mathematical questions. It provides practical advice on how teachers can create their own open-ended and problem-solving questions, and use them effectively in the classroom.

  • includes over 80 pages of ‘good’ questions for teachers to use in the classroom
  • organises questions into content areas (Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability)
  • indicates the suggested age level of students for each question
  • is written by a well-established expert in the field of teaching and learning mathematics, and an experienced author with a primary teaching background.

Member price: $69.63
Non-member price: $87.04 

What are you waiting for? Click me.


Check the Clues ECheck the Clues E  - BRAND NEW TITLE!    

Author: Dr Paul Swan and David Dunstan

The 80 pages in full colour Check the Clues E book offer schools a whole school approach to word problem solving using a co-operative group approach. The book has been designed to improve the students' comprehension of mathematics word problems, and to build mathematical understanding through problem solving and reasoning.

  • Activities are free to be photocopied for your class.
  • The Check the Clues series uses Polya's four step problem solving approach: understand the problem, devise a plan, carry out the plan and look back. 
  • Teachers are provided with the Australian Curriculum links, language (vocabulary), notes, answers and references.
  • Suitable for Yrs 5-VCAL.

Member: $21.45
Non Member: $26.81

Click to get yours now.

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