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Dear Maths Educators,

As we head towards the end of term 3 I am surprised again by how fast the year is progressing.

Your association is starting to plan for 2018, and this includes the development of a new 2018 to 2020 Strategic Plan. Members of the Council have been working on the draft and discussing the top priorities for The MAV going forward. It is an interesting time with some innovative approaches and initiatives being discussed.

There is also a lot of work going on around governance of The MAV. One of the most substantial being the creation of a new Finance Committee for the first time. This advisory committee will provide guidance and support for many aspects of the Associations financial activities, and help support a sustainable robust approach to MAV’s future. This committee consists of:

  • Juan Ospina León, Treasurer
  • Trish Jelbart, Vice President
  • Peter Karakoussis, Council Member, and
  • Martin Warrick, Director at Warwick Accounting.

Martin is an independent member of the committee who brings a wealth of financial experience to bear in support of The MAV. The Council would like to thank Martin for his services.

Such developments help The MAV establish best practice in regard to its management, in support of The MAV continuing to provide effective services to members.

I would also like to thank Dr Ian Lowe for running the Making Confident Maths Teachers series throughout the year. This program for year 7 to 10 teachers has now wrapped up, and we were pleased to see the demand for this increase, and the return of many participants to additional sessions. This demonstrates that value this program brings to out of field, early career and other teachers wanting to get across the topics covered.

There are few Professional Learning opportunities remaining prior to the Annual Conference, and you can find these below.

If you have not checked out the new conference website please do so, it is time to go over the synopsis which is now published, and ensure you register to select your preferred sessions before they fill up.


Peter Saffin


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Synopsis cover

MAV17 Annual Conference
Synopsis now available




Professional LearningProfessional Learning

Professional Learning for Term 3 has been extremely well attended, and we have few events remaining for the year including:

Exploring strategies for teaching Spatial Sense and Geometric Reasoning

Date:    Friday 22 September 2017
Venue:    The Mathematical Association of Victoria,
61 Blyth Street, Brunswick
Time:    9:00am – 3:00pm
Who should attend:   Teachers of Years 2 - 6

Some people say that you either are or are not born with spatial sense. This simply is not true! Meaningful experiences with shape and ospatial relationships, when provided consistently over time, can and do, develop spatial sense. Good teachers of geometry provide problems that assist students to investigate properties of shapes whilst developing critical thinking and spatial reasoning. Professor Simone Reinhold, Dr Sharyn Livy and Dr Ann Downton will explore these ideas as part of a full day workshop for primary teachers. Participants will explore ways to engage students in geometric reasoning, and illustrate approaches that are used to develop students’ imagery and visualisation skills.

For more information click here.

Free MAV Professional Learning Workshops!

The free online versions of workshops funded by the Department of Education and Training’s Strategic Partnerships Program are still taking bookings after an excellent response. The face-to-face workshops are sold out.


Free Workshop 1: The importance of developing children’s counting skills: The move from rote to rational counting

Online Webinar: Thursday 26th October at 4.30pm. Click to register.
Who should attend: Teachers of F to Year 4
Presenter: Catherine Pearn

In this hands-on workshop participants will discuss the importance of young children developing each aspect of the five counting principles that govern and define counting as elaborated by Gelman and Gallistel (1978). Video excerpts and activities will demonstrate what these counting principles look like in practice. Counting tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview will be linked to the Counting section of the Framework of Mathematical Learning and activities from the Mathematics Developmental Continuum. The conceptual understanding needed to move children from using inefficient strategies, such as counting by ones, to more efficient strategies will be highlighted.

Free Workshop 2: It’s called Number AND ALGEBRA: Algebraic thinking across Primary Years.

Online Webinar: Thursday 12th October at 4.30pm. Click to register.
Who should attend: Teachers of Year 2 to 6
Presenter: Tim Colman

Algorithmic thinking provides opportunities for students to follow and create a well-defined set of instructions to perform a task or solve a problem. We often focus purely on numbers, without linking algebraic problem-solving skills. Promoting algebraic thinking encourages and increases students’ ability to solve problems using different strategies. This workshop will demonstrate lesson from Year 2 to Year 6 that challenge students with the opportunity to explore algorithmic thinking. These lessons have been successfully used in classrooms, and will be available online through the MAV website with enabling and extending prompts. Come and explore why Algebra is much more than just x and y!

To see the full list of Professional Learning opportunities available click here.


Coming soon; Your Membership Renewal

We will soon be sending our 2018 membership renewal information for the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

For those who renew their membership before the MAV17 Annual Conference held on the 7th and 8th of December, you will go into the draw for gift vouchers to the value of $150 for third, $300 second, and $400 first prize which entitle yourself or your school to purchase publications from the MAVshop.

To help us make the renewal process easier for schools, if your coordinator has recently changed can you please email Michael Green mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au as renewals go to your coordinator via email.


Prime Number; Thank you Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, teacher at Clairvaux College in Bendigo, has edited MAV's primary journal Prime Number, since 2103. The last journal for term 4, 2017 will be Sarah’s last as she finishes up as Editor. Sarah has focused on making the journal accessible to classroom teachers, making sure articles are easy to read, and more importantly – that activities and ideas are easy to replicate in teachers classrooms. Sarah has encouraged and mentored teachers in the mathematics education community to write for Prime Number and this has furthered the professional development of many teachers. Editing a quarterly journal is no easy feat - it takes a lot of time, energy and care and Sarah has done this with grace and flair. MAV's journals are an important member benefit and we extend our thanks to Sarah for her professional approach to her role as Editor.

In term 4 we will introduce the new Prime Number editor to you.



Thank you to those who sent us information to help prepare The MAV’s submission to the Independent review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education. You can still read the discussion paper here

We hope to be invited to participate in further consultation, and will keep you informed.

The MAV’s submission to the Inquiry into School to Work Transition can be found here. Thank you to the various MAV Council members and others who contributed and input to this submission.


VCE Revision Lectures

Registrations for The MAV Revision Lectures are open. Ensure your VCE students secure a place. Click here for more information.


VCE Trial exams

trial exams

Now available! Click here to buy yours now.


VCAA Support

Maths Sample Programs 7 to 10 and Indicative Progress Examples F to 10

These are now available from the VCAA website:

The maths sample programs f – 6 should be available around end of term 3.

Revised Transition Learning and Development Statement is now available

The new and improved Transition Statement makes it easier for early childhood educators and families to complete and more useful for prep teachers and outside school hours care (OSHC) educators to support every child’s continuity of learning.

To access the statement and for detailed information on the changes, as well as a range of support resources, go to the Transition to School webpage.



Professional Reading

  1. Babylonian tablet Plimpton 322 will make studying maths easier, mathematician says. Read here.
  2. Flipping Learning in Senior Mathematics, in Teacher Magazine.


MAV 17 Annual Conference sponsorship opportunities

The exhibition at MAV17 Annual Conference in December has sold out! We are looking forward to teachers enjoying access to a diverse range of providers while at this year’s conference.

There are still a number of opportunities for companies to showcase their services and products or raise their brand awareness among delegates. These include sponsorship of:

  • Branded pens, notepads, water bottles or other merchandise for conference satchels
  • Refreshment breaks
  • Keynotes
  • Conference proceedings
  • Or other ideas, if you have one let us know

You may also be interested in including marketing material in the conference satchel.

For more information on costs and inclusions email psaffin@mav.vic.edu.au  or Jdiamond@mav.vic.edu.au

MAV17 - annual conference




Survey: Mathematics Proficiencies

This is an invitation to participate in a study investigating Mathematics teacher’s understanding of the mathematics proficiencies of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and views regarding productive disposition in Mathematics teaching and learning.
The project is being carried out as part of PhD research at the University of Tasmania. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete a survey that is completely anonymous. You will also have the option of taking part in further research in this area in 2018.
Your participation is entirely voluntary, but we do encourage you to read the Information sheet before you decide whether or not to participate. We value your thoughts and experiences.

  • If you would like to participate, please click here.
  • Please indicate your interest in taking part in a collaborative study in 2018 by clicking here.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Kim Beswick, ARC Research Fellow, Faculty of Education
Dr Greg Oates, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education, Faculty of Education
Mrs Aimee Woodward, PhD Student, Faculty of Education.

“This study has been approved by the Tasmanian Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study, please contact the Executive Officer of the HREC (Tasmania) Network on +61 03 6226 6254 or email human.ethics@utas.edu.au . The Executive Officer is the person nominated to receive complaints from research participants. Please quote ethics reference number H0016777.”




Survey: Economic and Financial Literacy

Have you participated in this important survey?

What are teachers’ perceptions of their readiness and opportunities to teach consumer, economic and financial literacy?

Monash University's Faculty of Education, the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA) and The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) are working together to explore how teachers make sense of and approach their work as consumer, economic and financial literacy educators. This research project has been approved by the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (project number #9935).

We are seeking secondary school humanities and/or mathematics teachers to complete an anonymous survey online. Because we know you are busy, the survey has been designed to take no more than 20 minutes of your time.

We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to better understanding how we might meet your professional learning needs and interests in this field. 

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Other news

International Maths Olympiad

The Australian team brought home three silver and two bronze medals, plus an honourable mention, from the 2017 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One Victoria student was awarded. Find out more here.

MLNWNational Literacy and Numeracy Week.

On Monday 4 September, National Literacy and Numeracy Week kicks off, with the week running until Sunday 10 September. The 2017 theme is ‘Discover.’

Students, teachers and parents across Australia are invited to take part in a range of fun literacy and numeracy activities. Not sure how you can get involved? Visit www.literacyandnumeracy.gov.au.





Get hands-on with these new games and activities!

Algebra tilesAlgebra tiles

The MAV now stocks a set of Algebra tiles. They can be purchased with or without the supporting manual of activities and templates allowing you flexibility to purchase an entire set for class at a reasonable price.

Work with the tiles to build an understanding of how integer arithmetic leads to the concept of algebraic simplification, including the collection of like terms. Solve linear equations. Use the tiles to show the distributive law when expanding, and in reverse to factorise. They even work with negative coefficients and quadratics!

Why we love this product: Affordable, quality and easy to get started with. Click here to get them now.

Algebra Tiles Australia - Tiles and Manual.

Algebra Tiles Australia only.


Petominos packPentomino Pack - Hands on Games and Activities

Teach number, transformation, symmetry, logic, maths terminology, area, perimeter and even spelling with this incredibly versatile pack. A set of 12 transparent pentominoes crafted to fit over two double-sided write-on-wipe-off game boards. Build skills and confidence with a range of engaging games, puzzles and activities for ages 8-13.

Why we love this product: Heaps of amazing games and activities in one pack!

Get your copy here.

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