Term 3 Professional Learning Opportunities: August Update


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Term 3 Professional Learning Opportunities: August Update

MAV have had a busy start to Term 3 with 9 Professional Learning events held in late July early August. These included:
  • The MAV invited Paul Swan to Melbourne to run workshop at MAV training centre and at some of our regional and metropolitan Maths Active Schools. More information about Maths Active Schools can be found here.
  • Last week The MAV held a Gippsland Conference at Federation University with Doug Williams, Jen Bowden and Helen Haralambous.
Also, Maths Games Days have started with a few remaining for September. Click here for more information.
Registrations are open for VCE Revision Lectures.
In September MAV will be running some free sessions online and face-to-face with funding provided by the Department of Education and Training. See below.
We hope to see you at these events as they are now more accessible than ever.

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Making Confident Maths Teachers series

Last session for this year! Don't miss out.

Teaching about Probability and Statistics:    Saturday 26 August 2017
Venue:   The Mathematical Association of Victoria, 61 Blyth Street, Brunswick
Time:   10:00am - 4.00pm
Who should attend:   Teachers of Years 7 - 8

Dr Ian Lowe will be running a series of hands-on workshops designed to assist new teachers of mathematics or for teachers who have not had training in how to teach mathematics. This series of workshops will provide hands-on activities that can assist you in helping your students navigate through complex topics in an engaging way.

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2017 Exploring strategies for teaching Spatial Sense and Geometric Reasoning

Date:    Friday 22 September 2017
Venue:    The Mathematical Association of Victoria, 61 Blyth Street, Brunswick
Time:    9:00am – 3:00pm
Who should attend:   Teachers of Years 2 - 6

Some people say that you either are or are not born with spatial sense. This simply is not true! Meaningful experiences with shape and spatial relationships, when provided consistently over time, can and do, develop spatial sense. Good teachers of geometry provide problems that assist students to investigate properties of shapes whilst developing critical thinking and spatial reasoning. Professor Simone Reinhold, Dr Sharyn Livy and Dr Ann Downton will explore these ideas as part of a full day workshop for primary teachers.

Participants will:

  • Explore ways to engage students in geometric reasoning
  • Illustrate approaches that are used to develop students’ imagery and visualisation skills

Simone an expert in the field of geometry is a visiting scholar from the University of Leipzig, Germany. Sharyn and Ann are both lecturers from Monash University and will also share their research and classroom experiences of using challenging tasks related to geometric reasoning. Simone will engage participants by exploring current primary mathematics teaching and learning relating to geometric conceptual knowledge, spatial structuring and geometric reasoning. During the workshop participants will engage in a selection of tasks related to paper folding, drawing, constructing, tiling, and use of mirrors. Discussion will include links to the Victorian Curriculum, mathematics, and ways to adapt tasks to provide opportunities for all students to engage in rich mathematical experiences.

Simone ReinholdProfessor Simone Reinhold

Professor Simone Reinhold is the Dean of the Institute of Primary Teaching Mathematics in the Faculty of Education at the University of Leipzig, Germany. Simone’s research focus is in the development of current mathematics teaching concepts and insights for teaching children of primary school age; mainly comprising geometry, dealing with geometrical concept knowledge, spatial structuring, and mental rotation.

Simone is project leader of three current research projects, one relating to young children’s (4 to 6 years old) exploration of three-dimensional cubes; another relating to geometric conceptual understanding of children (8-12 years old) associated with cubes and blocks in constructive work environments; and the third relating to the diagnostic competence and strategies of pre-service teachers.

For more information click here.

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Free MAV Professional Learning Workshops!

Included in the Professional Learning series are these new events just launched using funding from the Department of Education and Training Strategic Partnerships Program. The MAV identified these areas of need and have the funding to make them free for all Victorian teachers!

Some of these sessions have a face-to-face and webinar options, allowing access to teachers across the state.

Using the DET Special Partnership Program funding, these sessions are free to all Victorian teachers.


Workshop 1: The importance of developing children’s counting skills: The move from rote to rational counting

  1. Face to face at The MAV in Brunswick: Wednesday 20th September, from 4 to 5pm. Click to register.
  2. Online only: Thursday 26th October at 4.30pm. Click to register.

Cost: Free to attend!
Who should attend: Teachers of F to Year 4
Presenter: Catherine Pearn

In this hands-on workshop participants will discuss the importance of young children developing each aspect of the five counting principles that govern and define counting as elaborated by Gelman and Gallistel (1978). Video excerpts and activities will demonstrate what these counting principles look like in practice. Counting tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview will be linked to the Counting section of the Framework of Mathematical Learning and activities from the Mathematics Developmental Continuum. The conceptual understanding needed to move children from using inefficient strategies, such as counting by ones, to more efficient strategies will be highlighted.

Workshop 2: Prepping for Foundation: The Best Start – Transitioning students from Kinder to Foundation

Face to face at The MAV in Brunswick: Monday 11th September at 4.30pm. Click here to register.

Cost: Free to attend!
Who should attend: Teachers of F to Year 1
Presenter: Bree Collins

It’s first day 2018, and the new Foundation students are just walking through the door. What skills and maths knowledge do they bring from Kinder in their backpack? How should teachers fill gaps in knowledge? And what does Foundation Mathematics look like in Semester 1? This workshop explores transitioning from Kinder to Foundation and will provide hands on examples of the way to structure a Mathematics program during Semester 1. We will explore research into assessment practices to inform a Foundation teacher and how best to include families to capitalise on relationships to support student learning. Let’s give them the Best Start!

Workshop 3: It’s called Number AND ALGEBRA: Algebraic thinking across Primary Years.

  1. Face to face at The MAV in Brunswick: Wednesday 13th September at 4.30pm. Click to register.
  2. Online only: Thursday 12th October at 4.30pm. Click to register.

Cost: Free to attend!
Who should attend: Teachers of Year 2 to 6
Presenter: Tim Colman

Algorithmic thinking provides opportunities for students to follow and create a well-defined set of instructions to perform a task or solve a problem. We often focus purely on numbers, without linking algebraic problem-solving skills. Promoting algebraic thinking encourages and increases students’ ability to solve problems using different strategies. This workshop will demonstrate lesson from Year 2 to Year 6 that challenge students with the opportunity to explore algorithmic thinking. These lessons have been successfully used in classrooms, and will be available online through the MAV website with enabling and extending prompts. Come and explore why Algebra is much more than just x and y!

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MAV17 - annual conference

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