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Welcome to Term 3!

There are a wealth of activities you can access coming up this term, you can see many opportunities below, something is bound to meet your school needs!

At the end of term 2, 2018, MAV held its second ever Primary Mathematics Education Conference. The event was an astounding success with attendees responding very positively about the engaging and high-quality sessions. The conference is a collaboration between MAV and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), at The University of Melbourne. Speakers are hand-picked and showcase the work of both MAV and MGSE, linking research to practice and providing schools with resources and ideas to go and implement immediately. This year the theme was ‘Critical and Creative thinking in the Mathematics Classroom’, and speakers really brought this to life. Find out more on our news page.

For term 3 Professional Learning see below. We are starting to roll out our Free online workshops thanks to the installation of a new video conferencing unit at MAV, and the funding from the Victoria Department of Education and Training, under the Strategic Partnerships Program. Sign up now for sessions.

Peter Saffin


Professional Learning


Free Online Professional Learning

The following workshops are FREE to all Victoria teachers. Hosted by MAV, these workshops will be ‘hands-on’ offering a similar experience as our face to face workshop – but now available to more schools across the state!

We recommend that teachers gather at a DET school in your areas with a Polycom unit to join the workshops. Although individuals can join using mobile device, the nature of the workshops will encourage collaboration and being with others is going to provide improved outcomes.

If you are looking for a school in your area that you can attend, contact us for help in identifying a location near you.

To volunteer as a hub for a session in your area contact:

Each person attending needs to sign up via the website, links below.

Professional Learning Description Details

Tip of the iceberg – how to find rich and challenging tasks for your teaching

Book now

In this workshop, Jen will share her favourite resources in choosing effective rich and challenging tasks. She will explore the benefits of an inquiry, problem-solving approach to build deep and flexible mathematical understandings for all students.

This session will also incorporate the notion of ‘challenge’ as an essential ingredient in mathematical inquiry. Ways to assess will also be explored.

This is a hands-on workshop.

Date: Monday 13th August
Time: 4 to 5pm
Online only event
Who should attend: Foundation to Year 6
Presenter: Jen Bowden

The importance of developing children’s counting skills: The move from rote to rational counting

Book now

In this hands-on workshop participants will discuss the importance of young children developing each aspect of the five counting principles that govern and define counting as elaborated by Gelman and Gallistel (1978). Video excerpts and activities will demonstrate what these counting principles look like in practice.

Counting tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview will be linked to the Counting section of the Framework of Mathematical Learning and activities from the Mathematics Developmental Continuum. The conceptual understanding needed to move children from using inefficient strategies, such as counting by ones, to more efficient strategies will be highlighted.

Date: Wednesday 15th August
Time: 4 to 5pm
Online only event
Who should attend: Year 2 to 6
Presenter: Cath Pearn

Let's get started! Using games to promote fluency and reasoning

Book now

Teachers will be elbow deep in dice and cards during this workshop. The session will focus on developing mathematical fluency and reasoning in students through the use of hands-on and engaging card and dice games.

Teachers will be armed with a range of activities and we will explore how to easily differentiate for a range of student learning needs.

Date: Wednesday 12th September
Time: 4 to 5pm
Online only event
Who should attend: Foundation to Year 6
Presenters: Jen Bowden and Ellen Corovic

Algorithmic thinking across Primary Years

Book now

Algorithmic thinking provides opportunities for students to follow and create a well-defined set of instructions to perform a task or solve a problem. We often focus purely on numbers, without linking algebraic problem-solving skills. Promoting algorithmic thinking encourages and increases students’ ability to solve problems using different strategies.

This workshop will demonstrate lesson from Year 2 to Year 6 that challenge students with the opportunity to explore algorithmic thinking. These lessons have been successfully used in classrooms and will be available online through the MAV website with enabling and extending prompts.

Date: Wednesday 12th September
Time: 4 to 5pm
Online only event
Who should attend: Foundation to Year 6
Presenters: Jen Bowden and Martin Holt


Using Maths Games to engage students

Book here

The MAV Games Days are very popular and a great way of engaging students through competing with like-minded individuals. The games are also a useful tool in engaging all students. In this hands-on workshop participants will trial a selection of games and activities, some typical Games Day samples for schools wishing to run smaller scale Games Days at a local level, all applicable to the classroom as tools for engaging all students. Target: Year 9 to 10
Date: Tuesday 7th Aug
Time: 4.30 to 5.30pm
Cost: Free!
Venue: Online
Presenter: Helen Haralambous

Texas Instruments: Using TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator

Book here
This session is aimed at teachers new to VCE Maths teaching with a particular focus on Units 1 & 2 (Year 11) General Maths and Units 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods. The workshop will include graphing for Methods and using finance solver and matrices functions for General Maths. The workshop is also relevant to year 10 teachers. Teachers are required to bring a TI Nspire calculator to the workshop as the workshop will have a hands -on focus. There will be time for assistance with specific questions. Target: Year 9 to 10
Date: Tuesday 28th Aug
Time: 4.30 to 5.30pm
Cost: Free!
Venue: Online
Presenter: David Tynan


Other Professional Learning

Making Confident Maths teachers

Book here

This popular series continues in term 2. The next session is focusing on Expanding and factorising, both linear and quadratic. 

If you are an early career or first year out teacher, or just wanting to update skills in teaching the basics from year 7 to 10 please join us.

The registration page has details on further sessions in this series

Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Saturday 11th Aug
Time: 10.00 to 4pm
Venue: MAV
Presenter: Dr Ian Lowe

How digital technologies can enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics

Book here

This session will share with you some effective tools that have been proven to be successful in enhancing teaching and learning in mathematics. It will also highlight how students can be empowered to provide evidence of their learning using digital devices.

Teachers will explore a selection of apps to support their learning.

Target: F to Year 6
Date: Wednesday 22nd Aug
Time: 4.00 to 5.30pm
Venue: Mackellar Primary School
Presenter: Fiona Clarke

Mathematical tasks and lessons to inspire thinking 

Book here

In this workshop, Nadia will share her favourite resources in choosing effective rich and challenging tasks. She will explore the benefits of an inquiry, problem-solving approach to build deep and flexible mathematical understandings for all students.

This session will also incorporate the notion of ‘challenge’ as an essential ingredient in mathematical inquiry. Ways to assess will also be explored.

This is a hands-on workshop.

Target: F to Year 6
Date: Wednesday 22nd Aug
Time: 4.00 to 5.30pm
Venue: Benton Junior College, 261 Racecourse Road, Mornington
Presenter: Nadia Walker


girls in stem working

Event: Girls in STEM: Be 'inspired by curiosity'

Our Girls in STEM event is shaping up well. Bookings close Wednesday 25th July, so don’t miss out.

This event will explore females in STEM careers with a particular emphasis on the importance of mathematics required for success. Students will hear from leading industry experts in a range of fields about their experiences working in a STEM focused career.

Presenters will share their stories; the journey they took, the contributions they have made, the impact of being a female, tips for success, and how to overcome obstacles along the way. An interactive panel discussion will follow. Meet our speakers here.

There will be a particular emphasis on the importance of mathematics in VCE subject selection, university degrees and in STEM careers.





Year 8 to 12 girls who are interested in pursuing a future in STEM careers.

Gold Sponsor 2018





Friday 3 August 2018, 9am-12:45pm




Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School


  Click here for more information and to book.  

MAV Student Activities Term 3


The Victorian Maths Talent Quest registration closes on Monday 23 July. Please check the MAV website for important dates.
Want to learn more about how you can enrich your students through MTQ? Volunteering to judge is one of the best ways to learn more. Register here.

Statewide Mathematics Games Days:

There are limited places available for teams for the Statewide Games Days being run in Term 3.  Register here.


2018 MAV Membership: Special EOFY offer!


July Special! We are having an EOFY sale! Why not, everyone else does……

As we are 50% through the year new members can enjoy 50% off the membership price.

Contact Michael Green, Membership Officer on 03 9380 2399 to join now and redeem this offer before the end of July. mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.

Free membership:

Don’t forget MAV now offers Free Pre-service teacher/student memberships. Find out more here.


term 3 journalsTerm 2 Common Denomination and Journals

Our latest edition of Common Denominator is now available. You can read it online here.

PDF copies of Vinculum and Prime Number can be accessed by members after logging into the member area of the website.


VCAA Updates

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning: VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Curriculum Planning Guides have been published here.


MAV Special Member Offer: Discounted tickets for the Maths Show!

the maths showThat was the best maths lesson ever! Year 7 Student, Presentation College Windsor

Looking for something that’s fun, a bit different and highly engaging in Maths?

Then why not try The Maths Show?

The Maths Show is a unique live stage performance – a combination of maths history, magic, puzzles, audience interaction and more – that is performed in-house at your school.

Your students will be roaring with laughter, wondering ‘wow!’ how did that happen, and certainly seeing maths from a different angle.

The production is proudly sponsored by MAV and is brought to you by the same team that created The History of Maths, Famous Female Mathematicians, Maths and Cricket and more.

The Maths Show is suitable for Junior Secondary and Upper Primary students and comes with a full set of teacher resources produced by MAV for follow on work.

Discounted prices are available for MAV members.

To have this truly amazing performance visit your school go to  www.felstead.com.au email info@felstead.com.au or phone (03) 9509 0992.


Other important News and Events

National Mathematics Summer School

Year 11 students are welcome to apply to attend the NMSS, a two-week summer school held on the 6th-19th January 2018 in Canberra. Application forms have been mailed out to schools with the last MAV mailout but can also been downloaded here.

Applications close on 27th July 2018 and the MAV Test for NMSS will be held on 3 August 2018 at the applicant’s school.


CasioCASIO: Be ready for 2018 Year 12 exams

Essential revision resource COMING SOON – Maths Methods Exam 2 with ClassPad

In time for exam season, a set of video solutions to the 2017 VCE Mathematical Methods Examination 2 will be released on July 16th. These video solutions present clear and concise ways to think about the mathematics being examined, as well as a step-by-step demonstration of effective CAS use, featuring the Casio ClassPad II. Also included, a video on the creation of user-defined functions, a powerful technique for performing routine computations efficiently.

These videos, ready for you to share with your students, will be available from http://www.casio.edu.shriro.com.au/app/view_module_collection.php?id=5

Also available - solutions to the 2011-2016 VCE Mathematical Methods Examination 2

Important ClassPad OS update released – 2.01.4 – Improved CAS algorithms and bug fixes

Based on teacher feedback, and the ongoing development of the ClassPad’s CAS agorithms,
Casio have released operating system 2.01.4 for the ClassPad II. It is strongly recommended that students update to this operating system prior to the sitting of examinations. Whilst the user interface remains unchanged, installation and familiarisation is recommended at part of the exam preparation process. This free update can be found at



ACERCasual Marking Positions – International Schools’ Assessment

ACER is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified markers to mark mathematical literacy, scientific literacy, reading or writing responses from students in international schools from Years 3 to 10.

Enquiries may be directed to isa@acer.org.

View the position outline here: http://www.acer.edu.au/careers/current-opportunities

Apply for this Position at https://goo.gl/forms/tDRWFDJA6zBCj8Op1.

Applications close 5:00pm Wednesday 25 July 2018.


tax super and youATO’s 2018 Tax, Super + You competition

The Tax, Super + You competition, which will run from 2 July to 2 November, invites high school students to develop creative ideas on how they think tax and/or super contributes to the community.

There are two categories - Junior Secondary (Years 7-9) and Senior Secondary (Years 10-12) with a total cash prize pool of $6,200 to be won (See prize breakdown below).

To help students learn about tax and super, the ATO has also published teaching resources in line with the Australian curriculum, which school teachers can incorporate into their lesson plans.

The materials are available for download at https://www.taxsuperandyou.gov.au

The top 10 finalists will be announced in November 2018.

For competition details please visit: taxsuperandyou.gov.au/competition-about


stem festivalGame Changers & Change Makers – STEM FESTIVAL

A day of STEM for National Science Week

Join us for fantastic keynotes, workshops, and activities.

Friday, August 17
9 am – 11 am
Keynote: Jacyl Shaw “The Future of Work”
STEM Education and Industry Panel “What will work look like for the next generation?”

Saturday, August 18
11 am – 3:30 pm
Keynote: Rob Gell “Sustainability”
STEM Education and Industry Panel “How do we excite students about sustainability?”
Workshop sessions, EXPO and activities


PHONE: (03) 97038111

REGISTER NOW: www.trybooking.com/394212


Professional Development Opportunity for Years 5, 6, and 7 Maths Teachers in an International Research Project

learning from lessonsProfs David Clarke (University of Melbourne) and Doug Clarke (Australian Catholic University) are running a research project that studies mathematics teachers’ thinking processes during lesson planning, teaching, and reflection. We are currently recruiting Years 5, 6, and 7 teachers to take part in the project.

If you agree to participate in this project, you will be asked to adapt and teach a provided lesson plan (Lesson 1) and then create a lesson plan yourself for a follow-up lesson and teach the lesson (Lesson 2). You will also be asked to complete several online questionnaires before and after teaching Lessons 1 and 2. Participation in this project will involve approximately 10 hours in total (including the teaching of Lessons 1 and 2). Your time commitment in this project can count towards your professional development to meet registration requirements if you are a registered teacher in Victoria. (If you are registered in a different state or territory in Australia, your participation time may still count towards your required professional development but please check your local requirements.)

To register your interest in participating in the project or to find out more, visit https://learningfromlessons.iccr.edu.au/survey/

Expression of Interest - Curriculum Writers for Maths and Physics
RMIT TrainingRMIT Training is embarking on a new and exciting project to develop a cutting-edge Foundation Studies (FS) Program. The FS Program is pitched at High School level and serves as a pathway for students seeking articulation to a related undergraduate course at university. RMITT is looking for experienced teachers to write and contribute to the design and development of high-quality learning and teaching Maths and Physics resources for the print and digital space. The ideal contributor would need to demonstrate:

  1. Experience as a curriculum leader;
  2. A passion for inquiry-based learning and
  3. Proficiency in the development and writing of Maths and/or Physics programs and assessments at year 11-12 level.

Preference will be given to candidates who can also additionally demonstrate:

  1. Creation and implementation of study skill programs;
  2. Active engagement in professional learning and development;
  3. Experience in delivery of professional learning for science/maths staff;
  4. Experience teaching international/regional students and
  5. Previous publications within educational publishing.

Excellent self-direction and time-management skills are essential since successful candidates will have the flexibility to work from home in their own time to meet mutually established delivery dates.
If you are interested in applying for the role, please email an expression of interest with your CV to the following address:



New Picture Books!

Teachers can create rich learning experiences based on the picture story books we have selected, and revisit the book throughout a unit to help bed down the ‘big ideas’.

Picture books in mathematics examine big ideas through imaginative story-telling. They can motivate students by:

  • stimulating curiosity and interest in mathematical concepts
  • providing a platform for mathematical discussion where prior knowledge, conjecture and hypothesis can take place.
  • provide a ‘so-what?’ rationale for the learning, generally through the exploration of a ‘real-life’ mathematical conundrum.

Here are the latest picture books just in the store:

picture books

Picture Book

Suitable levels

Baby Goes to Market

Years K-2

Count with Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!

Years K-2

Have you seen my dragon?

Years K-2

Press Here

Years K-2

The Waterhole

Years K-2

The Art of Clean Up: Life made neat and tidy

Years K-6

Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant

Years F-4

One Minute

Years F-4

Robyn Boid: Architect

Years F-6

Which one doesn’t belong?

Years F-7

Moonlight Crab Count

Years 2-5

Fractions in Disguise

Years 3-6

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