Term 2 Professional Learning Opportunities - May update


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Term 2 Professional Learning Opportunities: May update

Welcome to the Term 2 PL newsletter for 2018! We have number of events coming up, most notable are:

The Di Siemon events in two locations for year F to year 9 teachers.

The primary conference, bookings are coming in fast now as we approach the event, please don’t delay in securing your selected sessions before they start to fill.

There are also various other events for primary and secondary teachers, see below.

Our new Polycom unit is finally on the way, and from term 3 we will be starting our online professional learning series, with 6 events for primary and 6 events for secondary – it is going to be great! Watch this space.

See you at an event soon.

Peter Saffin



D Siemen

Our next Hot event!

‘Incorporating the proficiencies’ 

This event is aimed at teachers from Foundation to Year 9

In this workshop Di Siemon will explore a planning tool to help you embed the most up to date approaches to learning in your classroom. You will learn how to incorporate the proficiencies, provide multiple opportunities to revisit key ideas and strategies for targeted teaching. Inquiry-based approaches to the teaching and learning of mathematics will be explored, while ensuring an unrelenting focus on the big ideas that make a difference.

15th May: St Francis Xavier Primary School, Montmorency (North East)

22nd May: Mackellar Primary School, Delahey (North West)

The Primary mathematics education Conference - Booking fast!

MAV and The University of Melbourne Melbourne Graduate School of Education

primary conferenceThe Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) in collaboration with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Mathematics Education Group (MEG) are delighted to open registrations for the 2018 primary school mathematics education conference:

2018 Theme: Critical and Creative Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom

The knowledge and skills required for Critical and Creative Thinking must be explicitly taught if students are to develop and apply the skills and learning dispositions that support logical, strategic, flexible and adventurous thinking in mathematics

Join us in 2018 to investigate Critical and Creative Thinking, focusing on:

  • questions and questioning for deep learning
  • rich tasks, challenging tasks and inquiry based learning
  • reasoning and metacognition
  • digital technologies
  • early childhood; 4 year old to Year 2 conference stream

Check out the program and register here.

Major Sponsor

The Education State | Victoria State Government | Education and Training

Why should I attend?

Attending with a group of colleagues from our school, we were exposed to different ways of thinking with regards to the mathematic curriculum and how to interact with it through the lens of reasoning. Light bulb moments and rich conversations flowed thick and fast with each workshop that we attended.

As leading teacher for mathematics at our school, the MAV Primary Conference provided a springboard for developing professional collective inquiries based on reasoning. These inquiries were grounded by the common experience that we were so fortunate to experience at the conference.

I cannot recommend the conference highly enough from both the perspective of a leader as well as that of classroom teacher.

Terri Truscott
Leading Teacher, Dandenong Primary School

Check out the program and register here.


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Essential Assessment

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Other Events, open for bookings!

(S) Making Confident Maths Teachers series

New sessions for 2018!

Who should attend: Untrained (out-of-field) and early career teachers of junior secondary mathematics

This is the third year in which Dr Ian Lowe will present this popular series of workshops. Sessions aim to provide guidance about both content and engaging hands-on teaching methods for the full range of student levels that are likely to be present in a typical class at Years 7 to 9.

All workshops are at MAV (61 Blyth St Brunswick) on Saturdays, between 10am and 4pm. They arefully catered and digital support material is provided.

May 12: How to build understanding and skills in the practical topics of ratio, scale, proportion and percentage.

June 9: Unlocking algebra (functions and equations) through hands-on activities to generate number patterns.

August 11: Expanding and factorising, both linear and quadratic.

September 8: Key teaching ideas from Measurement, Geometry and Probability.

Register separately for each workshop by clicking here.

Professional Learning



2018 Lifting student engagement and learning in algorithmic and locational thinking.

Book now

Explore ways to raise the level of locational and algorithmic thinking by activating some of the research-proven methods for lifting student engagement. The Which Way? resource (National Literacy & Numeracy Week, 2017) is a terrifically rich resource that we will explore in-depth.

Target: Level F to 6
Date: Tuesday 29th May
Time: 3.45 to 5pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Martin Holt

Maths Games to engage students or for Maths Games Days

Book now

Explore engaging games and activities for hosting your own games day and in the classroom.

Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Wed 30th May
Time: 4.15 to 6pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Helen Haralambous

Strategies for differentiation in the mathematics classroom

Book now

Explore a number of different approaches teachers can use to differentiate student learning. Variety is key when working with students, and as such we will dip into how you can use open ended questions, rich lessons, technology and team teaching to cater for the diverse range of abilities and learning styles within your classes.

Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Tuesday 5th June
Time: 4.15 to 6pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Thomas Moore

Using picture story books to inspire mathematical thinking

Book now

The use of picture story books is a great way to engage young readers, in fact any reader! This workshop will explore how teachers can use books to capture students’ imagination and prior knowledge. A selection of picture books will be shared along with tasks that engage students to expand and extend their mathematical thinking. This is a hands-on creative session where teachers will be actively involved in discussions and the creation of number monsters.


Target: K to level 4
Date: Thursday 7th June
Time: 4.15 to 5.30pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Jen Bowden and Ellen Corovic



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