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Learn. Lead. Live.

Learn. Lead. Live, an exciting professional learning initiative was held at Malvern Central Primary School in Term 3 of 2016. It brought together primary and secondary schools accredited by the MAV as a Maths Active School. The event focused on the how “big ideas” thinking works in connection to mathematics, curriculum and practice; from a global level to individual school perspectives. Time was spent unpacking what the big ideas are from a top down and bottoms up approach, followed by an exploration of how to learn together, lead each other and how to teach for living in the real world.

The rich program offered teachers a forum to share their stories and showcase their students' mathematical learning. Jim Spithall (Australian Council of Educational Research) lead the teachers through the discussion of the “big ideas”in mathematics.

This video is of Cassandra Lowry and Tanya Tanner and of Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School sharing their learning story.


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