2017 - 2018 MAV Council

President: Michaela Epstein (Maths Pathway)

Michaela EpsteinMichaela brings to MAV Council experience from a wide range of education sectors, with this uniquely positioning her to understand the diverse needs and perspectives of those involved in maths education. She is an advocate of the important role that MAV has in maths education, and in 2016-17 has served on the Council to support the work being done by the organisation across the community.

Michaela has taught maths and coached teachers in schools in rural Victoria and in Melbourne, where she initiated and led programs aimed at supporting and extending students in maths. Michaela has also worked in the not-for-profit sector in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, and held leadership positions on councils with Scouts Australia.
Currently, Michaela is the Head of Learning with a Victorian-founded social enterprise, Maths Pathway, where she designs learning materials and teacher professional development programs. She has also recently completed research at The University of Melbourne on the new Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics. Michaela is excited by the opportunity to lead MAV Council. She believes that good maths education is vital, with MAV having a critical role to play.

Immediate Past President: Jim Spithill (ACER)

Jim SpithillJim Spithill is a Research Fellow (Test developer) at the Australian Council for Educational Research. He joined ACER in 2010 after thirty years’ experience teaching secondary mathematics in the Government and Independent sectors around Melbourne. He has worked on a range of ACER projects both local and international, including NAPLAN tests, the New South Wales Government selective high school and opportunity class tests, and the mathematical literacy component of PISA 2012. More recently he has become involved in adult and vocational education assessments for TAFE and other institutions in the VET sector.
He believes that good assessments inform good teaching, thereby improving student learning; and that better numeracy skills contribute to the personal, social and economic wellbeing of the individual learner.

Vice President: Felicity Furey (Machinam/The Power of Engineering)

Felicity FureyFelicity Furey is passionate about engaging students, particularly girls, in real world maths and engineering.
Engineer by profession, Felicity co-founded not-for-profit organisation Power of Engineering in 2012. Since then, the organisation has inspired over 5,000 female and regional high school students across Australia about creative and diverse engineering careers.

Felicity wanted to scale this impact and co-founded Machinam which engages students were with real world maths resources. This work, along with her professional career saw Felicity named as one of six of the Financial Review BOSS magazine’s Young Executives of 2016 and as one of Australia’s ‘100 Women of influence’.

Vice President: Trish Jelbart (Victoria University)

Trish JelbartTrish Jelbart has been a classroom teacher for many years and has a deep understanding of the challenges currently faced by Maths Teachers. She successfully taught in suburban state secondary schools for 12 years before moving to the TAFE and higher education sector, where she teaches students the maths required across a range of courses at Victoria University. She also works with staff to assist with making the maths in various courses more accessible for students, to help improve students' mindset toward Maths and use various innovative strategies and technologies to assist the students. Trish has recently worked on a STEM research project which has provided further evidence for the need to promote Mathematics in society generally, especially as students face tougher competition for work, at a time when Mathematics and associated technologies are increasingly a part of work requirements and tertiary courses.

Trish realises mathematics teachers require assistance at both the micro level, in the classroom with technique and strategies, and at the macro level, in terms of systemic support for mathematics teachers and teaching. Trish has been on the MAV Council for four years, and a Vice-President on the National ACSSO and School Council President of Collingwood English Language Centre.

Secretary: Michael O’Connor (AMSI)

Michael O'ConnorFrom 1988 until October 2013, Michael taught mathematics and science at a number of secondary colleges in New South Wales and Victoria. Since October Michael has been the Schools Outreach Manager for AMSI. This role involves the support of teachers in teaching mathematics, the development of Mathematics materials for use in schools and the collection and dissemination of information and advice on careers in Mathematics and Mathematics in careers. In the last twelve months, he has worked with more than 200 teachers from kindergarten to senior secondary in 24 schools around the country. This work has included modelling classes, observing and providing feedback, unpacking the curriculum, planning and professional development.

Michael has a Masters of Education (Studies) from Monash University. He is an experienced author of Mathematics texts, assessment items and dynamic geometry materials.

Treasurer: Juan Ospina Leon (Mill Park Secondary College)

Juan teaches Mathematics at Mill Park Secondary College in the area of Whittlesea, north of Melbourne. Before teaching, Juan completed a double degree at Monash University studying Actuarial Statistics, Japanese, French and Mandarin.


Dan Cloney (ACER)

Dan CloneyDr Dan Cloney is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Education Policy and Practice at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Dan's expertise is in early education, cognitive development, academic achievement, and inequality. His most current work focuses on the potential for high-quality early childhood care and education (ECCE) programs to narrow SES-related development gaps.

Dan’s most recent work includes:

  • Project Director of an Asian Development Bank (ADB) study developing a roadmap for Indonesia’s implementation of a one-year “Quality Pre-Primary Education for All” program in support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.2.
  • Research Fellow on the E4Kids study; Australia’s largest longitudinal study of the contribution of ECCE programs to children’s learning and development. Dan contributed to the design, implementation, and reporting of the study from 2008 to 2015.

Dan’s recent publications focus on the validation of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), the availability and access of high quality ECCE programs in market systems, and the impact of everyday ECCE programs on children’s early cognitive development and later academic achievement. https://works.bepress.com/dan-cloney/

Claire Delaney (Lalor Secondary College)

Ann Downton (Monash University)

Ann DowntonAnn Downton is a Lecturer in undergraduate and post-graduate early childhood and primary mathematics education courses in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. Her research interests centre on how students construct their mathematical knowledge, in particular their development of multiplicative thinking (the focus of her doctoral studies); how teachers challenge students mathematical thinking; mathematics planning for instruction, and assessment practices. Ann was very proud to be a member of the Early Numeracy Research Project team that received the 2011 MERGA Research Award “in recognition of an outstanding contribution to mathematics education research.”

Ann has extensive experience as a primary school teacher, a part-time mathematics and science specialist and as a mathematics consultant. She continues to work with schools in a professional learning capacity and in the classroom to support teacher’s pedagogical practices and enhance students learning of mathematics and their subsequent self-confidence. Ann has been a member of the Mathematical Association of Victoria for more than 30 years, during which time she has served on Council and as a member of the Annual Conference committee.

Jamie Gray (Peter Lalor Secondary College)

Jamie GrayJamie has been teaching maths and science for twenty-nine years and has been involved with the VCAL program since it piloted in 2003. Jamie has co-written materials for VCAL students and teachers including VCAL First and last year the VCAL Numeracy materials for Responsible Gambling Victoria. Jamie has been on the VCAA VCAL Quality Assurance Panel since 2006 and has been at the forefront of VCAL initiatives.  Jamie also regularly lectures teachers on Numeracy issues at universities, conferences and workshops. Currently, Jamie is co-writing the new VCAL Numeracy units and prepares articles for VCAL teachers through the Mathematical Association of Victoria’s Common Denominator.

Peter Karakoussis (St Kevins College)

Allason McNamara (Trinity Grammar School)

Allason McNamaraAllason is currently teaching senior mathematics at Trinity Grammar School, in Kew, Victoria. Previously Allason was Head of Mathematics at Mount Scopus Memorial College and in a number of other independent schools, adding to her diverse experience.

Allason has a Masters Degree in Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis, two Graduate Diplomas and a Degree in Agricultural Science from Melbourne University. She has been a co-author of several mathematics textbooks and VCE Specialist Mathematics examinations, and the Chief Assessor for VCE Mathematical Methods for the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority). She has been on a number of advisory committees for the VCAA and was recently part of the federal government’s Expert Advisory Panel for the Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy testing. Allason is a Past President of The Mathematical Association of Victoria and has delivered many presentations at the MAV annual conference including keynote addresses.

Allason believes that mathematics is essential to understanding the world around us. Every major breakthrough in science in the last century was underpinned by higher order mathematics. Australia cannot hope to be a part of the scientific/technologoical age unless it produces mathematicians of the highest calibre. That, in turn, can only be achieved if maths educators are themselves highly committed, skilled and passionate about mathematics.

Terence Mills (Deakin University)

Terence MillsTerence Mills is Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University, and a member of Mathematical Association of Victoria. He is the author of "Problems in Probability", Second Ed, Singapore, World Scientific, 2013 as well as numerous papers on mathematics, statistics, and teaching of same. During 2008-2016, he was Senior Cancer Data Analyst at Bendigo Health. Currently Terence is a full-time student in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) at Deakin University in preparation for embarking on another career. He is particularly enthusiastic about chess, and lives in Bendigo. Terence regards the teaching of mathematics in Australian schools as the most important problem in mathematics in the nation.

Thomas Moore (Lilydale High School)

Thomas MooreThomas has been the Head of Mathematics at one of the largest state schools in Victoria for the past 2.5 years, leading a team of upwards of 35 staff members to deliver the best possible Mathematics curriculum to over 2000 students at any given time. Thomas has a keen passion for teaching Mathematics to students of all ages and strongly believe in getting students to see patterns and develop critical thinking strategies over rote learning tricks when learning Mathematics.

Thomas has a passion for developing rich learning activities which cater for all ability levels and promote mathematical thinking and learning. Some of his best work in the teaching of Mathematics can be seen by visiting https://sites.google.com/a/lilydalehs.vic.edu.au/7-37-algebra-website/ demonstrating what Year 7 students were able to achieve when developing their skills in the topic of Algebra. Thomas’ believes in fostering communication and critical thinking amongst students and in how technology is able to truly enhance the learning of Mathematics within the secondary school sector.

Honorary Life Members of the Mathematical Association of Victoria

Mr Gary Asp
Mrs Robin Borland
Ms Elizabeth Burns
Dr Ken Clements
Mr Bruce Devlin
Mr Patrick Costello
Dr Ken Evans, OAM
Mr Bruce Henry
Assoc Prof Marj Horne
Mr Denis Kennedy
Mr Charles Lovitt
Ms Barbara Martin
Mr Robert Money
Mr Simon Pryor
Prof Dianne Siemon
Dr Max Stephens
Mr Douglas Williams
Mr Graham Willis






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