2016 - 2017 Council 


James Spithill

Immediate Past President

Marj Horne

Vice President

Rhiannon Lowrey

Francesca Sidari


Elizabeth Burns

Treasurer Max Stephens
Council Members

Rhys Coulson

Michaela Epstein

Patricia Jelbart

Oliver Lovell

June Penney

Ann Downton

Trevor Faure

Allason McNamara

Jamie Gray

Honorary Life Members of the Mathematical Association of Victoria

Mr Gary Asp
Mrs Robin Borland
Dr Ken Clements
Mr Bruce Devlin
Mr Patrick Costello
Dr Ken Evans, OAM
Mr Bruce Henry
Mr Denis Kennedy
Mr Charles Lovitt
Ms Barbara Martin
Mr Robert Money
Mr Simon Pryor
Prof Dianne Siemon
Dr Max Stephens
Mr Douglas Williams
Mr Graham Willis


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