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anzuk education

At anzuk, we understand and specialise in the service of education recruitment. We have dedicated teams delivering specific requirements across casual relief, contract placements and executive search engagements. We value our relationships with educators and schools and the alignment of the right educator with the right school is always our priority. 

We pride ourselves on this alignment, ensuring we maximise educational outcomes for students, in the classroom, every day.  We specialise in providing career guidance and pathways for educators at every stage of their career journey. From graduates to principals, we assist in building your capacity through mentoring, CV building and interview coaching. We align your skills, experience and values with your next opportunity.

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Leading the way in mathematics publishing for Australian schools, Cambridge University Press Australia is committed to the future of education in Victoria. We strive to publish exceptional resources that reflect specific syllabus requirements and broader curriculum developments, while incorporating educational change and technological innovation.


For decades Casio Education Australia has been committed to supporting local Australian mathematics teachers and students. We pride ourselves on our widely available resources including hundreds of free face-to-face workshops, freely available classroom materials and lesson ideas and of course, our user friendly technology. Casio Education Technology is inspired by Australian teachers for Australian students.

Texas Instruments

For more than 30 years, TI has been an active member of classrooms around the world, empowering teachers and inspiring students to succeed in mathematics and science. Through our calculators, coaching and classroom resources, TI Education Technology is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. With our award-winning products, engaging lessons, real-time assessment and top-notch professional development, TI is leading the way in mathematics and science education.


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maths pathway

Maths Pathway is a research-based Learning and Teaching Model that gives teachers the tools, time and professional development to target each student’s individual learning needs. The model provides teachers with access to resources, individualised courses and rich learning, focusing on practices that have the greatest impact on student learning.


At Mathspace, we encourage learning for engagement, meaning, and personal growth. Our digital maths program combines interactive curriculum-aligned content with adaptive learning smarts to create personalised learning paths for every student. With detailed student performance data, teachers can get deeper insights into how students are learning and what they’re struggling with.

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Texas Instruments

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