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Keynote Speakers

A dynamic program is currently being developed designed to explore the theme of Achieving excellence in M.A.T.H.S.  The MAV is pleased to confirm the following Keynote speakers including an international speaker of high regard:

Dan FinkelKeynote Sponsor - Maths PathwaysDan Finkel

Dan Finkel is the Founder and Director of Operations of Math for Love, a Seattle-based organization devoted to transforming how math is taught and learned. A teacher of teachers and students, Dan works with schools, develops curriculum, leads teacher workshops, and gives talks on mathematics and education.

Dan is one of the creators of Prime Climb, the beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game, and of Tiny Polka Dot, the number-loving learning game for children. He is also co-architect of Seattle Public School's Summer Staircase math program, and hosts the annual Julia Robinson Math Festival in Seattle. You can see Dan's work, including his TEDx Talk "Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching," at mathforlove.com.  

Professor David ClarkeProfessor David Clarke

Professor David Clarke is Director of the International Centre for Classroom Research (ICCR) at the University of Melbourne. Over the last twenty years, his research activity has centered on capturing the complexity of classroom practice through a program of international video-based classroom research in more than 20 countries. Other significant research has addressed teacher professional learning, metacognition, problem-based learning, assessment, multi-theoretic research designs, cross-cultural analyses, curricular alignment, and the challenge of research synthesis in education.

Professor Clarke has written books on assessment and on classroom research and has published his research work in around 200 book chapters, journal articles and conference proceedings papers. The establishment of the Science of Learning Research Classroom at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in 2015 provides Professor Clarke with access to new levels of detail and experimental precision for his classroom research.

Carmel MesitiCarmel Mesiti

Carmel Mesiti is Centre Coordinator of the International Centre for Classroom Research (ICCR) at the University of Melbourne. She has been involved in Education for over 20 years. She is project manager of the Lexicon Project and a research member of the Australian team. Her research interests have included lesson structure, lesson beginnings, mathematical tasks and more recently, as part of her doctoral work, the nature of differences in the pedagogical lexicons of education communities internationally.

Carmel began her career in government schools as a secondary school mathematics teacher and held leadership positions including year level coordinator and mathematics faculty coordinator.

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