National Professional Standards for Teaching – Draft for Consultation

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The Draft National Professional Standards for Teaching are available for you to provide feedback on until Friday 21st May. The Mathematical Association of Victoria has been invited to provide a submission.

I have attached a copy for you or you can visit the website for yourself at

In order to facilitate our response I am setting up a blog on which you can post your responses. I will collate the responses before the due date for our submission.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jeanne Carroll
Mathematical Association of Victoria

Download the draft document here.

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  1. My experience with the Monash Uni trial teaches me that some teachers are great classroom performers but not so good at explaining their performnce in terms of the key assessment criteria. In consequence I was driven to the conclusion that it wa particularly important to have a video of a lesson taught by the teacher - presumably sometime within the assessment period. Both the teacher and the assessment panel can then reflect on what the video shows, after which a discussion can occur in which the teacher explains any significant events and the panel clarifies and confirms what the video shows as evidence for its key assessment criteria.

    Comment by Rob Money [Visitor] — 05/03/10 @ 11:22

  2. I have been disappointed with the push, over the last few years, to use Graphics and CAS calculators in all VCE Maths classes. Most teachers I talk to are against this trend. Drs Burkard Polster and Marty Ross have written about their concern regarding the trend to remove elements of the Maths Curriculum and replace it calculator use.
    I support their views and hope the National Curriculum takes this into account.

    Comment by George Lilley [Visitor] — 05/14/10 @ 08:01

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