Productivity Commission Education and Training Workforce Study Submission

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The Productivity Commission has been asked to report on the Education and Training Workforce within 24 months. The Commission is to provide advice on workforce planning, development and structure of, in turn, the Vocational Education and Training (VET), Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Schools workforces.
In undertaking this set of three studies, the Commission has been asked to consider and provide advice on, for each workforce:

• the current and future demand for the workforces, and the mix of knowledge and skills required to meet service need
• the current and future supply of the workforces
• the structure and mix of the workforces and their efficiency and effectiveness
• workforce planning and development in the short, medium and long-term
• whether sectoral boundaries limit innovation and flexibility in workforce planning, development and practices.

In addition to the issues above, the Commission has been asked to give consideration to factors that have a particular impact on each of the sectors covered by the study.

The MAV Council will be following this work closely and, where appropriate, making representation on behalf of mathematics educators.

The Commission’s first work will be on the Vocational Education and Training Sector. On Friday, 30 July, Council wrote to the Commission, pointing out that they needed to pay close attention to numeracy and mathematics in Vocational Education and the consequent need to ensure that this was taken into account in their assessment of future workforce requirements. You can read what the Council wrote here:

MAV VET Submission 300710.pdf

Please keep the MAV posted about your views on workforce planning in the education sector. Leave your comments here.

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